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Profile page down?

I'm trying to make a dev team, but every time I try to go to my profile, it says it's unavailable. Is it down or something?


  • You HAVE to be in at least indie to do this. PS im an idiot but whats a dev team? I know it stands for developer but do you mean joint building???? :confounded:
  • 1. I have the education subscription 2. I can't EXACTLY remember how to MAKE one, but dev teams are groups that you can assign to certain games to work on.
  • Oh, those? I made one but forgot how too :lol:
  • @ScizorM. Go to your account, There show be a bar that says "team name", and then hit create team.
  • Nevermind, I figured it out. Also, that's not what I was talking about @ToastMaster64 .
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