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Alert speech bug

I had some difficulty with the Alert (GUI) where it says something and when I click on the button it doesn't go away, like the game froze, but I can still move around. If anyone can find a solution then I'm all ears.


  • If the block is destroyed when the message appears then it breaks the game. This happened with "Evil Gameboy", one of my games. ;)
  • Well, the block never got destroyed, I just made it so at the beginning of the level it would say something, but at random times it wouldn't work when I clicked on the button. I went in and redid all of the speech and it worked temporarily, but then it stopped working again.
  • You can play my game and tell me if the game works or not
  • This has happened to me before, but I have no idea how to fix it.
    Mine was later in the game, so I just ignore it and work on something else.
  • I just made a new one and it works now.
    AFTER testing the new one, delete the old one
  • I redid all of the speech, but It still freezes up. Also, the speech is kind of important to the game. I could try to redo it.
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