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Attacking in only one level?

In my game:
When clicking the "FIGHT" button in the boss battle, it will work, but in the enemy encounter, it doesn't attack?????????


  • Your attack enemy shoots slimeballs, but the player only takes damage from fire.
  • Also, this isn't turn-based, but it's still very good! :)
  • edited March 14
    Please make a save progress button because so far you have to restart after every enemy. Also, heard of Heroes of Might and Magic? that was my FAVORITE game when i was young and this reminds me of it SOOOO much! :)
  • 1. still a work in progress for damage
    2. IDK how to make it turn based
    3. IDK how to make a save progress button
    4. Never heard of it
    5. I still need help with the fight button problem
  • Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 2.05.11 PM
    This is also an issue
  • Fighting issue is solved!!!
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