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DRIVE Update log

edited March 2019 in Play My Game
Changes as of 3/15/19:
- Fixed not able to play as ZBP
- Added an alert for when you beat your High Score
- Implemented a new unlock system (Not enabled)
- Minor Changes/Fixes

*When you buy Zombie Beach Party, you can now play her.
*An alert (label) will go off for when you do beat your High Score. Sound is determined if the game is muted.
*I made a system where if you purchased the first 3 cars, the Flowlab characters will be unlocked.
This isn't used for
1. I haven't made the 2nd car.
2. Will be active when I release the game in the app store.

The game is closer to finish.
Other than adding characters to the shop, I don't know what else to add to the game.
If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game, please leave a comment.
I plan to add more modes either after getting an Indie account and/or after releasing the game in the app store.

The game is nearly complete, any Feedback is appreciated!
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