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How do I count an entity?

edited March 24 in How To
I want to have the game keep track of how many of something there are, how do I do a do??????????????????????????????


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    Depends on what your trying to count,
    usually the total would be a number set to the value of a label
    I'm trying tocount the red blood cells. I want to have it to where if blood cell numbers drop to certain amount, the game will go back to the title screen
  • edited March 24
    Well, would you know the max number of blood cells?
    If not, you could get a proximity set to red blood cells, distance as 10000, output all objects found, and only trigger once.
    Set this proximity output to an 'in' of a number '1' and that output to the '+' of another number set to 0.

    Decrease the blood cells from the total is easier though,
    messaging the player -1 after a cell is killed will subtract the total
    and using a filter if it gets to a certain number to restart the level.
  • edited March 24

    And know I just learned another new mechanic on my own
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