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Hey Grazer!

So, I have noticed that when making animations, the animation "+" icon and "-" icon will disappear after having a certain amount of animation frames. I don't know if there is a way to get to the icons, but when I zoom out, it just makes the sprite editor smaller and you can see the game behind it. Please help @grazer , maybe add like an arrow to click to slide the animations so you can see all of them and add more frames, as I can't make long animations like I would like to have. Thanks!


  • @rcreger zoom out then open the sprite editor, the sprite editor and behavior editor size is determined by the size of the window it was opened in. So zooming out before opening the editor should give you access to the "+" and "-" again.
  • I have ran into this problem too.
    For a solution on really long animations, look at my intro in DRIVE.
    I made several animations that link together that makes the intro.
  • Oh, okay, thanks @JR 01 ! This really helps!
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