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GAME REVIEW with Lolpinkshep (IS GONE BABY!)

edited September 2019 in Reviews
Hello i will try to review games now. They will hopefully come out every 2 days
i wont be harsh but i will be basing my final score out of these 4 things
sound design
game design
overall enjoyment

the final score will be based off the average score
Good luck!


  • Why not do one of mine? Here is A Boy in Armor:

    If you had not played it before, this is a story-based game, so there is no enemies though have an attack (space bar). You are supposed to try to get as much information as possible and go through the story of Antony. You won't any luck in this game, so please, enjoy!
  • @rcreger ok it will only take a little bit!
  • Okay, thanks!
  • Hey, I had to quickly fix some things that I fixed a while ago that for some reason reappeared. They are fixed now, so you should try replaying it as the things I fixed may still be the same for you. Thanks!
  • edited March 2019
    First of all Thank you @rcreger for letting me review this game. TO THE REVIEW!

    Artwork 7/10 all the artwork is great but nothing contrasts well his the ground sprite, the waterfall sprite and the tree sprite i especially love the king sprite.

    Sound design 8/10 the games song is amazing the problem is whenever i boot the game the game plays it on top of eachother making it very hard to not hurt your ears

    Game design 5/10 its very repetitive with you only mostly seeing grass killed grass and little puddles through out the game

    overall enjoyment 9/10 it gave me the feels when (spoiler alert) he dies but the game conveys its style of gameplay well you fell like your in a medieval world with a child who wants to avenge his dad and the books ad a lot

    Stuff to make it better: make more stuff you can click on those really started to immerse me. change the dirt sprite PLEASE it looks great but it just. wont. CONTRAST. And also try to make the song not play on top of itself
    its a 7.5 even though technically its a 7.25 see you guys in a bit!
  • The song thing should already be fixed, as it works for me now. Is it the song in the start up, menu, game, dying level, or the last scene? And I honestly did not like the dirt much, either. It was a suggestion from another review, but I will try to make it look better. Do you want it to be more realistic, less realistic, whichever you think is better. I'm not sure what you mean that it won't contrast, as that would mean it will show differently compared to everything else. But thanks for the review! Good luck for the others!
  • @rcreger the music problem is in the adventure. I like the 8-ish bit style of the rest of the game so less realistic. By contrast i meant they dont blend well
  • I am not experiencing any problems with the music.. Do you mean you do not like it?

    And I also changed the look of the dirt, so it should look a bit better.
  • @rcreger the music bug is good now :) try to make the dirt a little tiny bit more pixelated
  • @JR 01 the review will come out soon :)
  • Thanks to @JR 01 for submitting DRIVE!
    play drive yourself!

    Artwork 8/10 Although this game is mostly black and white the enemy's are mostly very visible is fast paced moments and i really love the idea of taking other people's characters and putting them in another game

    Sound design 7.5/10 The option to change the songs is great! but some of the songs don't fit in and make it feel more slow paced.

    Game design 7.5/10 The randomly generated parts are great but put more variety in the game. I also found some parts appearing less than others.

    Overall enjoyment 7.5 This game is great don't get me wrong i would get it on my phone if i could but i did experience two bugs. First i started out with the zombie surfer from "zombie beach party". I did rally enough points to get a new character so i got the star blast 3 spaceship and it wouldn't appear i tried everything but i could only play as the zombie.

    stuff to make it better: fix the bugs, change all the music except for battle 8 (i cant guarantee you find some fast beat music but definatly check this site out ) and add a couple more obstacles to generate!

    overall score 7.75-8/10
  • edited March 2019
    oops, I left the zombie character on, I was showing a friend and left it on. It's fixed now, so if you go back to the store and select the first character, that should fix it. The Starblast character should still be unlocked if you bought it.

    The appearance of harder obstacles appearing later in the game was done on purpose, it challenging to jump the block & bird combo at a slower speed.

    The music is temporary, I plan to change most of the music when I get the Indie account, I'm just using different music available in Flowlab.

    with that fixed, let me know how it is now.
    What are some obstacles do you have in mind? I'm open to suggestions.
  • @JR 01 You dont need an indie account for music check my game out for example i used only sound effects by flowlab but all the music by and for an other obstacle you could add a pedestrian a pothole a cone idk.
  • Most of the hazards can be use like the block hazard, though that does give me the thought to change how it looks the make it feel like tgere are more in the game.

    Loading music from url isn't the quickest, but I am wanting to replace the music soon. What are some specific music from the site would be good for the game? I'll try to add them.
  • can you do a more thorough review of my game again?
    Slaughter(now called Rise)
  • @Johnny boy i told you i have a review discussion myself so i wouldnt go thorough but dont worry i working on it :)
  • thanks and by the way I'm working on the game right now so like when you see power ups they don't work.
  • edited March 2019
    Thanks to @Johnny boy for submitting the work in progress "Rise"

    Artwork 7/10 The skins look great but the shooting enemies could use sprucing up and the default
    saw blade doesn't really fit also this is a nitpick but there's a part of the default (spaceship?) that's off centered

    Sound design 8/10 there is only two accessible songs and one inaccessible to this game yet all the songs fit well with there respectful level/gamemodes

    game design 8/10 it can be a little cheeky and kill me for no good reason but overall the rise gamemode is great but i will list possible improvements later

    Overall enjoyment 7.5/10 this game is a lot a of fun and i know that its a work in progress but this is a great foundation

    Possible improvements
    -could let the player to move forward and back slowly to not make it too easy
    -Add a randomly generated part once you've finished the memory section
    -add more enemy types
    -Make it a mobile app i'll download it
    -Put a mute button
    -more music options
    -longer rise (like a hard mode)

    And the score is 7.75 - 8/10

  • Here's a link to my discussion where you can review my game:

  • @ToastMaster64 Thank you but i'd rather review it on my discussion but i'll get right to playing it!
  • @lolpinkshep

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, i meant to say that the discussion is where you can find the game :P
  • What are you talking about (Saw blade) what the heck is that there is no saw blade. Also there is no default spaceship or part of one
  • Thanks for that review
  • edited March 2019
    @Johnny boy by default ship i meant the ship you start with in the game sorry and the saw blade was the spike type object im so sorry about that
  • Thank you @ToastMaster64 for submitting the game one and only Temple Runner Retro
    Play the game yourself!

    Artwork 9/10 The sprites in this game are fantastic but all the backgrounds are just recolors of previous backgrounds. Also maybe take out the default tile in the first four levels in level.

    Sound design 9/10 The music fits very well and has magnificently composed but some different songs with the same tone for the different the different levels would be great.

    Game Design 8.5/10 The levels have great designs but sometimes there's trolls and its funny the first time but gets plain annoying after and i never felt of real threat of boulders

    overall enjoyment 9/10 the title screen confused me when i clicked on the arrow-w-space block and it sent me to the L.A.W.K.S intro but it doesn't matter that much. My real complaints are the mute button resets every time you die. The pause button doesn't work half the time. The boulders sometimes disappears for no reason (its apparent in level seven) and no i didn't have the less boulder upgrade. And worst of all the double jump is inconsistent at best sometimes you'll jump super high and the next super low and you can even triple jump (witch is very rare yet possible). Also the levels you make in the level editor get deleted once you die

    possible improvements: nothing that i didn't mention earlier but ill put them by priorities
    1.double Jump
    2.Fix the boulders
    3.level editor
    4.mute button
    5.pause button

    Overall score 8.75 its the best rating yet!
  • @lolpinkshep

    We have some contradictory reviews here, magmadude says the boulders are too hard, you say there too easy.

    *The Up, W, Space on the title screen is meant to tell you the controls for the game
    *cant fix the editor, that flowlab for ya.
    *I will fix the pause and mute, thanks for letting me know!
  • @ToastMaster64 i meant when you press it it brings you to the animation
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