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Bored Game Jams! - SUBMIT YOUR GAMES NOW!!!

edited April 21 in Reviews
About Bored Game Jams!

I've been suggested to make my very own game jam for you guys to make a game that follows the genre/characteristics of the jam for that week. If needed, I will extend the week for more submissions, which I will need at least two per week. Each submission will also be reviewed in my review: Bored Reviews. If you want to go there right now, just click the link:


- Like most other game jams, this game can NOT be pre-made.
- You may not take credit of other peoples games.
- You CAN copy from other games, but no completely as that it is the same exact game.
- Must follow the characteristics of the week's jam.
- Must be appropriate.
- Must agree that it will be reviewed (by me and other judges).

Be a Bored Game Jam Judge!

You can be a judge for this jam! All you do is ask, and you can rate any game that comes in for that week! I will, of course, see if you are fit to do so. If you have a review, you may review the game as well! But, you must be polite with these, and understanding that most of these will be made in a week.Several judges may rate the same game. In the end, I will decide who is overall the best for the week, and they will have a shot for this Game Jam, and for my personal Game of the Week! For the Bored Judges, here is the template of the rating system (made by @ToastMaster64 ):

Graphics: This category is based on the quality of the graphics, and the effort that went into the graphics. This category is out of 10 points.

Sound: Category for music and effects. This category is out of 10 points.

Game play: Is the game fun, does it fit with the category, is there anything unique about the game? This category is out of 15 points.

Mechanics: Is there any bug/glitches, are the mechanics helpful and or related to the theme? Menus also fall under this category. This category is out of 15 points.

Overall: Final message and the total of points earned out of 50.

Look forward to seeing you, and good luck, my fellow judges!

(If there is any suggestions for anymore rules, please feel free to tell me!)

Doing this, and letting me review it (you must do both), you have also a shot at my Game of the Week! So good luck for this week, whatever I may put! Thanks!


  • I might do it but I don't know if I have enough time.
  • If I need, and if you are committed to it, and if no one else submits, I will extend the week @Johnny boy . But for this week, it will end NEXT Sunday, so might as well give you guys this week's jam!

    Bored Game Jam: Week One Subject!

    This weeks Game Jam will be simple: Platformer.

    Suggestions:Just a small, challenging game, but not too challenging as you can not finish it. Make some good obstacles, some good animations, and find a way to make it enjoyable!

    Thanks, and good luck!
  • Awesome, what a good idea, I have an idea that I've been thinking about for awhile and I think this would be perfect!

    *What if there's a judge's and there's a contest to find the best game?
    *The judges could give suggestions, what they like, didn't like, etc, then give a score out of 10. The person with the most points wins for that week.

    But this would be perfect for this, the judges would be picked by you and could be rotated every week.
  • edited April 11
    So, I would choose judges, let then look for games, or make games? And they will be judging the games they found or made? I'm just saying @ToastMaster64 , if that was it, someone could just give theirs the highest score and win. If you meant something else, please specify. Thanks!

    EDIT: Also, thanks for suggesting!
  • You would choose the judges and they would judge the games submitted here. I don't understand whta you mean by "and they will be judging the games the found of made" I think there might have been a typo.
  • No, I had thought that is what you had meant, but never mind that @ToastMaster64 . It might have meant "games they found or made". I fixed that. Also, that would be a good idea, and would create less weight on me, and could involve the community more. So:

    New rule!

    You can be chosen as a Bored Game Jam Judge by just asking me! I will have to see if you are able enough to do so, and willing to do so. You will help out with rating some of the games, I will do a review, and if a judge has a review, they may review the games as well (must give submitted game jam's likes!)! Ratings out of 10 only. Multiple judges can rate the same game.

    Thanks, this will go to the description!
  • My evil scheme has worked....

    Can I be a Judge @rcreger?
  • Yes, you will be the first @ToastMaster64 ! Just wait for games to come in. Now, if you are a judge, you may not review your own submissions. Thanks!
  • Remember:

    I am not done doing reviews. This will in fact help me out with them. This is also a completely separate thing from the Bored Review, so this is not controlled by it, and will give it equal time, just that I won't discuss any of my personal game updates, Bored Reviews updates, etc. Thanks, and have a great jam!
  • except that it's called bored reviews: game jams...
  • Yeah, maybe I'll change it to Bored Game Jams instead.
  • The description still says "about bored reviews: game jams"
  • I changed the title, but that will change next @ToastMaster64 . Thanks!
  • Keep this discussion up! Also, tell me if you are thinking about submitting a game just for future knowledge. Thanks!
  • Im working on a game, you probably already knew tho.
  • Will that game be for the Game Jam @ToastMaster64 ?
  • Just from seeing the title, I know it will be @ToastMaster64 :lol: Remember, for a jam to continue, there must be at LEAST two submissions. It will also be reviewed after this jam. Thanks!
  • Hey people @Biscuit Butter @microgamer1 @MagmaDude100 @meburningslime @clammytepee @lolpinkshep @Creeper Bones @Crigence @my_name (<_>)

    In order for my game to count, I need you people to also submit, so please? it'll be fun!
  • edited April 13
    Thanks for that @ToastMaster64 . But I'll add to the calling of developers:

    @JR 01 @Johnny boy @Latif @nkbulider @todorrobot @browngr , if you could, please join us! As a judge or a submitter, or possibly both! Please consider, and thanks!
  • whats the category
  • Platformer
  • Aha!
    I am making one RIGHT NOW!!!! XD
    NOT DONE don't review yet please :lol:
  • I only review after the Game Jam has settled @meburningslime (meaning the winner is selected. You don't have to win to be reviewed). Thanks for competing! Now @ToastMaster64 can have someone go against him :lol:
  • I could help judge, I won't be able to submit anything for the moment. Though I won't be an easy judge
  • Yeah, I know @JR 01 . And of course you can! You've proven to everyone to be very helpful throughout the forums, and have made a pretty flawless game! You will be the second judge. Once games come in, you and the only other judge so far, @ToastMaster64 , can both review the same game. I will see which has the best score when combining both your scores together. I will discuss with you both before I send out the official first Bored Game Jam.
  • Remember @meburningslime and @ToastMaster64 , you must post the link of your submission when you are DONE with it.

    And for @ToastMaster64 , you may not rate your own submission, I will do that one. Thanks!
  • edited April 13
    Sorry I can’t do it @rcreger I would do it it’s just I don’t have enough time maybe in the summer I can
  • I understand @Johnny boy , it is why I didn't put you in the comment above because you had already said that you may not be able to. Hope to see you soon in here!
  • I think im done now with the game, but remember that THE LEFT SIDE OF THE MAP IS NOT DETERMINED YET. So, yep... please dont judge me on that (wait, that's your job...)
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