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Bored Reviews: What is your favorite FlowLab game?

edited April 13 in General
Why don't we discuss what our favorite FlowLab game(s) are. If you list them, please try to rate them. I want to see what is the most popular among the users of FlowLab. Please have fun! I am curious as of what they are! If you want to know my top three games, here they are:

1) @JR 01 's DRIVE
2) @CrimsonBlackGames 's Starblast Series
3) @Crigence 's Bounce Jam

There, of course, are other fantastic games, but those are the only ones that are sticking out to me at the moment. Perhaps you can change my mind with your own games or other peoples games you have found! Thanks, and suggest away!


  • Erm... when it worked
    Graveyard when it worked
    Am i allowed to say terraria?
  • Of course! And The Graveyard always worked for me :lol: Also, could you send links, too? It makes it easier for others to see them (if you can't, it's fine). Thanks!
  • The graveyard
    And Rise if I ever finish it I think it will be cool when I finish the challenges
  • I can, but theyre all on page 1-5 XD
    This is my current project!
  • edited April 13
    Wow, thanks @rcreger and @Johnny boy for DRIVE being part of your top 3's!
    The game is technically finished as long as I have the free edition,
    I would like to promote DRIVE a little more and get on the first 5 pages.

    As for my top 3, I won't be including my own work
    but with the many games on Flowlab, these 3 may change later.

    1. Old Awakening
    2. StarBlast 3
    3. The Graveyard
  • I really want to play Awakening @JR 01 , but it isn't out yet :anguished:
  • edited April 13
    The first one is very good, it brings allot of actual developer techniques into both games. (Fixed the title)
  • I wasn't around for the first @JR 01 , and I can't wait for the new one is finished.
  • I made too many games...
  • You're just making sure your subscription is put to good use @meburningslime :lol:
  • I’ll just work on Rise forever until it gets a 10/10
  • :lol: @Johnny boy It is getting there
  • I hope so
  • You just have to fix the things I've stated in the reviews, and I'm sure you'll get a great one @Johnny boy ! Of course, take in feedback from other reviewers to get a view of what people want. Good luck!
  • edited April 14
    Here are the Game of the Weeks favorites, if you like to see:

    Week One: @JR 01 's DRIVE
    Week Two: @Creeper Bones' Castle Jump
    Week Three: @CrimsonBlackGames' Starblast 3
    Week Four: @SomeGuy542 's The Cursed Room
    Week Five: @Caleb Strawberry 3 's (And more) The Cowboy that did in fact go to space(Not final title)
    Week Six: @ToastMaster64 's The Thief At The Museum
    Week Seven: @meburningslime 's Terraria
    Week Eight: TBD

    Some of these didn't get much competition, which could have let them win the week (no offense, guys), but here they are! Thanks!
  • @Crigence wasn't there for Game of the Week, sadly :anguished: I hope he comes up soon and posts, because he has a definite shot!
  • 1: Temple runner retro
    2: Drive
    3: The Cowboy that did in fact go to space
  • The Cowboy that did in fact go to space (very long title) was a very good one. It might replace Bounce Jam in the top 3.. Sorry @Crigence :lol: .
  • Any other favorites? It doesn't just have to be three, just ones you liked in specific.
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