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DRIVE ~ April update log

edited April 2019 in Play My Game
Changes as of 4/01/19
- Fixed and made an alternative for ADS in the shop
- Updated Credits
- Updated Links
- Minor changes/Fixes

*You can now gain 200pts if you try to buy a car you can't get in place of an AD.
ADS behavior doesn't work on flowlab lets-play, so I have an alternative until it releases on mobile.
*The JR 01 in the credits link now leads to a patreon instead of a video on youtube.
*added credits for the game the inspired this one, T-rex Chrome.
*added sound image for the music credits, I plan to use more samples from there and maybe other sources.
*shop; hidden characters are disabled for this version on Flowlab.
You can now see what your purchasing

@grazer if you get the chance to look at it, I would like your feedback!
This is a complete free version of the game. I plan to make future changes on an Indie account
and to make a copy to show what was made on the free account.

Let me know of what you think or If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game,
please leave a comment. All feedback is appreciated!
Also don't forget to leave a like!


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