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edited April 2019 in How To
I know I have a bad computer, but I need to play my game instead of immediately assuming everything's alright. Even though I can tell that everything is, that can change in the future. I'm designing a rage game, but lag isn't a feature I want... /=


  • When's the lag at?
  • The boss battle at the end of level 1.
  • edited April 2019
    Seems fine for me, when specifically is lagging?
  • I did specify that I have a bad computer, which means I can't tell if my own game works in the first place.
  • I meant when in the boss battle, like when allot of enemies, when the boss spawns, or after you beat the boss
  • When it spawns a bunch of enemies.
  • Congrats!!! you found the problem, bad computers can't handle a large amount of AI spawning
  • You could try to re-arrange it to spawn less or spawn that many but 1 at a time (timer)
  • Thanks! I'll go with the timer...
    Oh, and @MagmaDude100 , you can't play a game very well either with one, be it make one. This is why I asked. /=|
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