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i'm bout to pop pop on your games cause they bad or good

edited April 24 in Reviews
I will review games


  • Okay, sorry, I'll review a game, give it a 1-10 rating and point out major stuff, that's really it, I will probably do like two at a time, and they should be done within a day, I have worked with @ToastMaster64 in the past and he taught me how to do this, please also say what the theme of your game is supposed to be.

    Slime Slay!

    The theme of the game is.... [i actually didnt thought about a theme ;w;]

    It's a boss rush type of game .3.
  • I've never seen this man in my life...
  • edited April 24
    I rate it a 7/10 because the boss is quite difficult to kill before it gets much harder, and the skill you need to beat the boss isn't useful later on, where the second level starts, so you should flesh out the second boss so it doesn't get boring. One major flaw I saw immediately is lack of theme, so you could make it (just a suggestion) have a level changer, and once you defeat a few bosses you unlock the next, harder bosses, also, everybody loves shops in games. Sorry, I'm new.
  • @JR 01 why whould you talk to this man?!
  • edited April 24
    his account was created 9 day's ago...

    Its called gravity hop and I've been working on it for a couple weeks. I am planning on adding music and boss fights at some point to.

    Try my old game, Infinite game without a great name. It is completely finished, minus the music.
  • Why did he mention me? I dont know this guy!
  • @ToastMaster64 i think this dude is giving me depression

  • * disclaimer * joke
  • edited April 24
    *joke alert* *joke alert* @ToastMaster64
  • Hey, why not give him a chance? I mean, just wait to see how the reviews turn out, and THEN see if he can review yours. Don't jump to conclusions, guys.
  • @rcreger because he put his discussion in my review discussion and have you read the name of this discussion?
  • Yes, but looks may be deceiving @lolpinkshep . Did you know my original FlowLab name was going to be "BigBoy1000"? I would still be the same person, only with a different name. Give him a chance, then we'll see.
  • well i just saw him ''pop pop'' on bored game jam. but sure, he's just a little annoying because he blow up my notifications
  • I understand @lolpinkshep , but I'm trying to just help out. He probably doesn't know.
  • And, also @ToastMaster64 , it might have been someone using a different account who knows you, and then now he is using another... My best guess.
  • yep @rceger ill be good
  • @JR 01 I think this game deserves an 8/10. There were no major flaws and the gameplay was nice, altogether a refreshing game, the one thing I could imagine adding is being able to buy new obstacles, for longer play time, I liked this game a lot.
  • @tylerchan300 This game gets a 5/10, the sprites were not original, it seemed as if you were just playing around with the level design, also one of the sprites was not functioning correctly, all in all, this was a hard game to play, but if you work hard and polish this game, clean it up, and make some art, I can imagine it will become a good game.
  • edited April 25
    @my_name (<_>) I rate this game a 9/10, the play time is long, and it looks really good, honestly, I think this should be on the front page because of it's creative and fun design alone, really great game. A+ I will eventually review your other one. And that time is now because the infinite game without a good name is not bad, but could use some inprovements when it comes to movement, I think that if you made it a little bit smoother with the movement, you could be more creative with the level design, and up my rating by about two points, overall 7/10.
  • Rezt inz za peacez josefz stalin
  • edited April 29

    The theme of the game is "Being sane"

    It's still a test version [probably 10 seconds worth of gameplay]

    It's a story driven game but the story right now is just the main character's 2 lines of dialogue.
  • @Simple_doge5 he doesn’t do reviews any more.
  • edited May 20
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