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I'll review ur games here!

edited May 1 in Reviews
Post links to your games and i will review them, say it with me: Game review! *clap clap*
(totally didn't get that from @cthornok.... heh heh heh *cough ocouuhghhh*)


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    @sho21 you totally stole my "Game Review! (clap clap) Game Review!" Idea. Also, if you want to have your game reviewed on another discussion, go to
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    dont worry thats a joke

    @JR 01 thats a nice game, i saw it on @cthornock 's revieww also
  • Here's an unfinished one:
    First 3 levels are done, and I'll add music and sound effects later on.
  • Hey, @Biscuit Butter have your game reviewed on my game reviewing discussion. The link is above.
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    Its a nice game, but here are things i noticed needed fixing:
    1. all tutorial items should only give info one time, not every time you touch them, this can be done with 2 numbers and a filter.
    2. the boxes, coins, and platforms all need normal variants that dont give info, so far there are only those that give info
    3. Platforms don't work, I can tell that making those are hard, so here is a tip: use a AND gate on the plat form so when down arrow is pressed, AND player is touching, have it destroy itsself and create another identical object that is solid, same with jump, although maybe with a proximity for that one, and make the platform that is non-solid set to respawn solid platform again when player is far enough away.
    4. coins need to collect, im sure you know how to do this

    besides those, very nice game! Because I always have to rate games as if they are finished, I am forced to give this a 3/10, but dont be upset, this is only because the mistakes. Once you fixed them, tell me and I will re-review the game.

    Thank you for posting!
    -Spencer | Block run editor
    Cubed is a ripoff - @cthornock
  • @sho21 don't use your real name.
  • edited May 2
    My name is already obvious lol

    also i don care
    Cubed is a ripoff - @cthornock
  • edited May 2
    Actually, yes, Cubed is a rip-off of my game, Block Run. URL:

    Also, @sho21 you are no longer an editor due to the finishing of it.
  • edited May 2
    whatever happened to adding more levels? besides, I still haven't glitch/bug cleared it yet
    and u dont know how to
    Cubed is a ripoff - @cthornock
  • @sab00031 your game has some improvments needed to be made,

    first of all, the stars in the first level should be in background layer, not the game world, secondly, the boss in the 2nd level should be improved, its unbeatable right now.

    Please don't get angry, but i'm a strict reviewer. I have to give this a 3/10
  • @sho21 I'm having none of the issues you seem to be having... Coins collect, platforms work just fine, and the messages only appear once. I have no idea what's going on.
  • edited May 8
    I just figured out that there's an error with the block that helps with messaging. It turns out this one error caused all of those bugs. I can probably fix it.
    Edit: Just fixed the bug. Can you re-review it now. Still unfinished, but it should be much easier to play now that the bugs are fixed.
  • @Biscuit Butter Thanks, I'll re-review it
  • I replayed the game and it's very good now! All the problems I mentioned have been fixed, removing most negative points, the only problem I still have is the amounts of lag that this game has, but I am not removing points because i'm sure that isn't your fault. 8/10!
  • how did u find my game
  • help me make the boss follow the cursor
  • ok I need you to invite me to a game team first, also I am still not very sure myself how to make a very good boss that follows cursor
  • you can try a mousemove with x and y connected to the x and y of a point to
  • boss = mouse
    bob = arrows
  • re review it now pls
  • its better, but the game needs a name and the boss health should be fixed, also i think having the boss follow the cursor might make it too easy, as you can just keep it below the screen to keep the boss is place, but overall its a good small little game. 6/10
  • this is a game i made want to see if people like it it is still a work in progress
  • This game is great! Although I think the arrows should appear from off screen instead of appearing out of thin air halfway across the screen, but over all it's a very good game! 9/10 my dude
  • @sho21 , that isn't his game. @TogsWorth submitted the game, but the game is made by Douglasbell12431
  • i fixed it sho! just help me make only bob shoot and not the boss.
    It isn’t done yet but you can still review it.
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