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Bored Game Age Ratings - BGAR

edited May 2019 in Reviews
I've realized that some games have certain properties that may have some suggestive content, which could, I stress the word "could", as most of these games are not suggestive. But this could be fun, so I'd like to do something similar as the ESRB ratings. Have any of you guys thought about this, about FlowLab age ratings? Just submit in a game that you'd like to be reviewed for age ratings, and I will play it in near entirety to see for the rating. These ratings DO NOT mean that a game is good or bad.

So, why not? Come on sending. Maybe one of you guys will make a game just for this. Thanks, and have a great day!

What are the Age Ratings based off of?

1) Violence (out of 5)
2) Blood and Gore (out of 5)
3) Language (brief, mild, and strong)
4) Partial/full nudity (I know, I know) (brief, mild, and strong)
5) Difficulty (easy, medium, hard)
6) Scary images (out of 5)

Some of those may not apply to your game if it does not have it. Thanks!

Rating scale :

EC for Early Childhood
E for Everyone
E10+ for Everyone 10 and Up
T for Teen
M for Mature
AO for Adults Only (Please don't make these games... Please)

Remember! These ratings are only suggestions.

Bored Rated: DRIVE (E), Rise (E), Temple Runner Retro (E10+), Kids Quest (E), Old Super Mario Bros. (E), Bounce Jam (E10+), Block Run (E), Survive The Zamboodles (T)


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    Let's see how this results;
  • edited May 2019
    Okay, this one will be simple:


    Rated E for :

    Some medium difficulty

    (Yes, I rate these for difficulty, too, as a suggestion to the player that it may be difficult) This game is suitable for ALL audiences. Thanks for submitting @JR 01 !
  • Rise,

    Rated E for :

    Some medium difficulty
    WARNING : this game takes frequent updates! Some may still not be rated due to being unfinished!

    Game for all audiences, taking in updates which, personally, I feel will be appropriate. Thanks for submitting @Johnny boy !
  • Temple runner retro

    Also make sure to check out prestige...
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    Temple Runner Retro,

    Rated E10+ for :

    Medium to hard difficulty
    Slight use of blood (0.5)

    The difficulty can be a bit hard at times, and one of the skins consist blood (the zombie skin), but other than that, this game seems perfectly fine as the low amount of blood. Thanks for submitting @ToastMaster64 !
  • 10 and up, really? at least it wasnt M lol.
  • Well @ToastMaster64 , Minecraft is also a E10+ too... :lol:
  • Who knows @ToastMaster64 maybe your games will be as good as Minecraft! Lol
  • Keep on sending them in, guys! I'm trying to keep these ratings as true as possible, and could be great to display in your game description!
  • That looks cool @Johnny boy ! Glad it can be of some use :lol:
  • I'm still age rating games, everyone! Don't be shy, I'll be glad to rate your games!
  • The BGAR is still open to all games! Please send some more for me to rate, as this is fun for me to do! Thanks to all who have participated so far! Have a fantastic day!
  • Do we really need age ratings? Most games on flowlab aren't really that violent anyways.
    Unless this is for fun, in which case, have fun!
  • Yeah, it is for fun @Biscuit Butter :lol: this is not required, it just gives me something to do -- and maybe you guys just want to see what rating it could have.

    I know you can't really make anything too bad on here, but I am basing these ratings off of if everyone was, say, maybe 10 years old maximum. So even a lil' bit o' blood will be part of the rating.. For 10 year old children. So no, you don't need it. This is just for fun.
  • In that case, might as well submit the original Kid's Quest. Beware, as it is insanely violent...
  • Mainly what I do is look through the sprites, see if there's anything "inappropriate" (imagine me doing air-quotes), and also the alerts to see if there's language. I also look at animations, gameplay, etc.


    Kids Quest ,

    Rated E for :

    Medium difficulty

    Difficulty includes some thought to get through puzzles, but is overall a family-friendly game! Great puzzles, great fun, great time-passing delight!
  • I'm actually starting to doubt why I mad this discussion.. You guys really don't make anything too inappropriate, being responsible people :lol: Maybe it will become a challenge:

    "Who can make the most disturbing game on FlowLab?"

    ...Probably not.
  • Well, some discussions work, some don't. I just wanted to see how people would see this, which this is not a good one. It was a bit fun while it lasted, but as far as I can see, I'm not using this anymore. I will keep it bookmarked till 5/18/19 (this Saturday), and if no one says they want it to stay, I will take off the bookmark and let it go. Thanks, and have a great day!
  • I may try to rework a game later that could be listed into the M rating.
    It was a group game until the save bug on Flowlab. I'm thinking about reworking it and maybe finishing it if I can
  • Thanks for informing me @JR 01 , just try to send as soon as possible. I will keep this discussion for a bit longer. Good luck!
  • edited May 2019
    This is a really good idea (Better than Website Critique... We don't speak of that one)!

    Here's 2 games for you to look at, they're both AIMED at everyone but i just wanna see what you think!

    Old Super Mario Bros.

    Bounce Jam

    PS: You might need to bump up Old Super Mario Bros, due to... Well, just go to level 1 and press P. (Wait, do Easter Eggs count?)

    Crigence Logo - Transparent
  • edited May 2019
    Easter eggs do count @Crigence , as it is still content within the game. Thanks for submitting! This is not my busiest discussion.


    Old Super Mario Bros.,

    Rated E for :

    Some medium difficulty

    Has some difficulty that may be harder for some, but the majority may get through for an enjoyable experience!


    Bounce Jam,

    Rated E10+ for :

    Medium to hard difficulty throughout

    The difficulty may stand out to players and could be presented to the more professional gamer. WARNING: This game may cause intense rage-quitting :lol:

    There has not really been anything over a E10+ .... Maybe a Mature competition? Anyways, thanks for submitting! You can put those in the your game description as well! Rated by the BGAR!
  • (I might add a few updates in the future once I get my own computer instead of using chromebook)
  • @cthornock 'sBlock Run ,

    Rated E for :

    Some medium difficulty

    A game for all ages to enjoy! There are some challenging areas, but can be passed after a few tries!

    @MagmaDude100 's Survive The Zamboodles

    Rated T for :

    Some blood (1/5)
    Some medium difficulty
    Cartoon violence (2/5)
    Scary images (1/5)

    You don't know who is playing this game, so some very young children who usually stick to the Rated E zone might find those more of a matured game. My highest rating yet! Who can beat it?..
  • edited May 2019
    Do the graveyard:lol:
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