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Remember Me? *finally* a new update: HTML5



  • edited May 14
    Hey @PixelPizza - You aren't being picky, or mean :)

    You have a good eye for aesthetics, and are an experienced user, so I respect your opinion. I'm not sure I agree on the new font though. I didn't like the previous one (Hind), but I feel like the new one is a much better fit. I've actually tried Raleway, and Monterserrat, and they are too wide to be a good fit - they stretch too far horizontally in most cases.

    I also tried Ubuntu and Roboto, but for whatever reason the rendering just didn't look that crisp.

    Since you mentioned serifs, I'm wondering if there is actually a problem with the font rendering somewhere. What browser are you using? The font I'm using now is D-DIN, which should look like this:
    - no serifs


    Does that look like what you are seeing?
  • I think it looks much better.
  • hai remember me @grazer?
  • Yeah of course, @meburningslime - but you haven't been gone have you?
  • Youve been gone for like 6 months of course you havent noticed lol
  • @grazer Everything got fixed, thanks for the updates!

    I think I have the same problem as PixelPizza. The font doesn't look like the font in your picture:
    It looks like that on all browsers I have (chrome, firefox and edge), all latest version.
  • edited May 15
    Same as Latif. Using chrome. It looks really good in the screenshot you posted.
  • Ok, the font rendering should be fixed now - @PixelPizza or @Latif or anyone else let me know if you have any other font issues. Thanks for letting me know it looked busted :)
  • @grazer when I play games right now when I click a game if the account is indie then the background is red and the game is all red I have already tried reloading the page.
  • Nevermind it works now
  • Didn't notice this post was an update post. Once HTML 5 bugs are ironed out, I'm crossing my fingers for a shaders update. Work is getting slow and I can finally put a couple hours into something on nights I don't have to close, like these next 2 Fridays and Sundays. I won't be making much progress with game logic, but I might make some music and graphics in the meantime.
  • Yap, the font issued seems fixed. :)
  • @grazer The font got fixed.

    Just one more little thing I can't get used to in the new design. There used to be a blue transparent background in the behavior screen, but you removed that. Now it's really hard to see the lines between behaviors if your game is very bright (at least for me):

  • I actually agree @Latif . The blue gave it more contrast.
  • Hey @Latif & @rcreger - I didn't remove the blue bg, but I did change the color to match the new colorscheme better. I'll try adjusting it for better contrast, thanks.
  • Okay, thank you @grazer
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