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Semi-Solid Platform Troubles

edited May 13 in How To
This might be a tricky one to fix.

Here's my game >

My semi-solid platforms have been working fine. But if you go to the last level, the platforms near the left work just fine, but the ones that you spawn at don't. Why is this happening? And why am I only now encountering this issue? I used the same logic in another game and never had an issue.


  • edited May 13
    @Biscuit Butter
    It works if you change the the -1 to -2, only problem is that you have a small drop instead of just appearing on the platform in the previous levels. This makes the player on the last level off by a pixel??

    You could just make the number -2 only just for when your in the last level by using messages
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    @JR 01 This does fix the platforms that are broken in the last levels. However, the platforms that do work in that are also in the last level teleport you higher.

    I'm 90% sure that the main issue I'm having is a bug @grazer
  • edited May 14
    Yeah, that's why I said make it -2 Just for the last level

    what I originally thought was to make another object with -2,
    then I thought an element just in the last level could message the player to make it -2 just for that level.
  • tping to the other player?!!!
  • @JR 01 You don't understand.

    Some platforms on the last level work properly without -2. The platforms on the very left at the begining are a good example.
  • edited May 15
    Then use a filter to change it to -2 after the players X value > 884

    Is it the same spot even if you move where the player starts?
  • @JR 01 Yes. For now I'll use -2 in the last level, even though it's a little buggy at some parts.
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