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A-Box (Update Log)

edited July 2019 in Play My Game
Update Log

I think it is about time to give A-Box an update log, since I will definitely continue to work on it. Some of these updates listed below were created quite a while ago, but I'd like for you guys to see the development of this completely through, as I did for A Boy in Armor. But first, here is the link:

If you'd please give it a like, it would be most appreciated! I will also take suggestions for this game.

Now, for the updates :

(Version 0.1)
- Basic creation of ground/floor blocks
- Made several different objects to give an affect of a 3D game.
- Made T.0.DD, in same 3D theme.
- 3D theme completely established adding in decorations and tubes/walls.
- Added water as a way to lose the game.
- Created a box and bolt background to give the same mood.
- Added a help in the beginning of the game (blue paper icon).
- Added an in-game help when you click T.0.DD.
- Added spikes as a second way to die/lose the game.
- Added lasers as a third way to die/lose the game.
- Made special alerts for each way to die/lose the game.
- Progressed in level development and obstacles.
- Created T.1.M., who may not be a one time appearance...
- Gave T.1.M. a teleport animation.
- Finalized T.1.M.'s dialogue for beginning.
(Version 0.2)
- Got help from @JR 01 and @Johnny boy with saving so that the player does not restart after dying.
- Added a "delete progress" button in-game.
- Made a menu WIP.
- Decorations added to menu, with display of two of the three deadly objects.
- Created a logo suiting for A-Box.
- Changed A Box to A-Box in title, added Plymouth Interactive Fables to title.
- Added a help in the menu.
- Placed the "delete progress" in the menu.
- Added an animation to logo to give a glitching effect.
- Added an Easter Egg in menu. Can you find it?
- Update log added to menu.
- Movable block added for puzzles.
- Able to restart game, deleting save(s), by pressing "R".
- Added an Easter Egg in "An Adventure". Can you find it?
- Finalized movable block, able to be destroyed in water.
(Version 0.3)
- Added puzzle button.
- Added puzzles blocks (solid and non-solid)
- Updated button pressed animation.
- Updated non-solid block animation.
- Added J.4.CK.
- Added J.4.CK teleport animation.
- Added checkpoint when colliding with J.4.CK
- Game (not menu) now has music by @Eric_Matyas .
- Menu music added, by @Eric_Matyas .
- Changed in-game music, by @Eric_Matyas .
- Press "M" to go back to the menu.
- Updated J.4.CK teleport animation.
- Fixed programming in non-solid platforms.
- Added Start Up level.
- Made "Box Factory" animation for Start Up.
- Added cinematic appearances of GUI labels.
- Added bar saying "loading" (it isn't really loading, but, why not?)
- Fixed label effect with the help of @Johnny boy .
- Added music to Start Up, by @Eric_Matyas .
(Version 0.4)
- Added underground blocks for more diverse structures.
- Added underground-left.
- Added underground-right.
- Edited objects to fit with underground object.
- Extended level.
- Graphics update.
- Finalized Start Up.
- Added new background piece.
- Made game cover (you have to search my game to see it).
- Made water transparent.
- Adjusted water transparency.
- Made it so it says "checkpoint" when a save is in session.
- Medium/Hard level section added.
- If you press Enter, boxes go back to original position.
- Added ST.3.V.3.N (level 3/4 done!)
- Added ST.3.V.3.N saves/checkpoints, and delete save.
- Movable boxes are destroyed after the seconds in water.
- Three second animation for movable box in water.
- Can respawn movable boxes after they are destroyed.
- Alert wont repeat when jumping on top of them.
(Version 0.5)
- Edited laser animation
- Graphics update
- Added TNT
- TNT only destroys spikes in certain puzzles
- Extended level
- TNT only activated when movable block is dropped on it
- Updated properties
- Updated TNT sprite and animation
- Added new T.0.DD and T.1.M for boss fight
- Added a ton of new animations for each character
- Added lasers which T.1.M shoots
- Added bar for T.0.DD's health
- Made it so both characters don't move when done (thanks @Johnny boy and @JR 01 !)
- Made large GUI system for final speech
- Finalized and cleaned up animations, speech, and sprites.
- Added A-Box logo in the background
- Added main level ending
- Added main level ending dialog and animations
- Cleaned up animations
- Game flow complete - goes to "The Battle" level
(Version 0.6)
- Added credits
- Finalized credits programming
- Edited label placement
- Added credits music, by @Eric_Matyas
- Completed game flow
- Credits deletes saves
- Added sprites to FlowCode objects
- Added damage animations to "The Battle"
- Typo fixes in "An Adventure"
- Typo fixes in "The Battle"
- Graphics updates
- Added portals that the player can travel through in "The Battle"
- Started work on monitors
- Finished monitor overall look
- Added monitor animation
- Added monitor GUI
- Fixed monitor GUI typos
- Add "click me" to monitor (you have to click monitors)
(Version 0.7)
- New boss music by @Eric_Matyas
- Updated "Portal 2" sprite and animation
- Added health bar to main level (health = 5)
- Changed boss health to 5
- Dying does not pause the game, but character stops moving
- Edited health bar
- Added health bar to boss T.1.M
- Making win scenario
- Fixed win scenario beginning programming
- Finalized win scenario prgramming
- Fixed win scenario dialogue typos
- Applied animations to win scenario
- Added alpha to menu
- Added sound effects to T.0.DD interactions, by @Eric_Matyas
- Added sound effects to other characters and objects, by @Eric_Matyas
- Changed music volumes
- Changed sound effect volumes
- Added sound effects to "The Battle" level, by @Eric_Matyas
- Edited "The Battle" sound effects volume
- Changed "Credits" scene music, by @Eric_Matyas
- Made it so the music fades in, then out, in credits
- Edited credits volume
(Version 0.8)
- Edited sound placement in "An Adventure" ending
- Updated graphics
- Edited sound FX on monitor
- Edited credits placement
- Changed health amount in "An Adventure"
- Changed health amount in "The Battle"
- Updated T.0.DD "The Battle" animations
- Added a 2nd monitor
- Designed look for 2nd monitor
- Animations applied to 2nd monitor
- Sound FX and alerts applied to 2nd monitor
- Edited obstacle sensitivity
- Edited animations to 2nd monitor
- Edited the alpha for "Press Enter to Play"
- Finished editing the animations in "The Battle"
- Edited "Help" content
- Changed the "Delete Progress" in the menu back to the User Interface
- Added bullet effect object
- Added bullet effect programming so it wont lag game
- Edited bullet effect sprite
(Version 0.9)
- Updated bullet particles
- Fixed typos
- Added new SFX for when the mouse is over a button

This is all I had in my notes at the moment, and I will place any new information here! Thanks for the help, and here are the things I am going to try to make, which I will check off once I do accomplish them:

Coming up :

- More characters (after game has finished boss)
- Puzzles
- More story development (started )
- Skins (most likely in the form CUBED used it)
- More obstacles (So far: water, spikes, lasers, movable blocks, buttons & blocks, TNT)
- Credits
- More options in menu
- More scenery pieces (if objects are available)
- Boss

This is all in due of fact if I have enough objects, but I think I can manage if I keep things small. Thanks again, and enjoy!

P.S., you may review this game, just ask first.


  • edited May 2019
    New update! Easter Egg added in menu! Try to find it, and tell me when you do! Good luck!
  • New update! Update log placed in menu! Go check it out!
  • New update! New movable block added for puzzles! Go check it out!
  • New update! Enabled to delete last save by pressing "R"!
  • New Update! Try to find this in-game Easter Egg I made! Also, no one has yet found the menu Easter Egg, so go try and find both! Good luck!
  • This is the end of A-Box Version 0.2, and so here comes 0.3! The story isn't even finished yet.. :lol:
  • sorry i havn't been posting come to my broswer
  • It's been quite a long time @drivera , but what do you mean, "come to your browser"? Or just post a link, either way works. Nice to see you again!
  • New Update! Finalized movable block, but be warned: it will be destroyed in water! (If that happens, I suggest just jumping in the water after it :lol: )
  • New update! Added puzzle blocks and buttons like the ones in @Biscuit Butter 's Kid's Quest! Go check it out, as it will be more developed into gameplay!
  • New update! Added J.4.CK, another Box! Go check it out!
  • New update! The game (not menu yet) now has music thanks to @Eric_Matyas ! The song is Cyber-Rain, which I think fitted decently and was calm enough to fit with the story, but yet energetic enough to give the game some movement. I posted in his discussion my game and asked him for suggestions for music, so I will check those out as well once he responds. Go check it out!
  • @rcreger I favorited it so it will show up more and because I'm thankful for you and your reviews.
  • You know what, I'm thankful for you making such amazing games @Johnny boy , and how you've helped me with just about everything. You've just made my day, thanks!
  • New update! Another one of @Eric_Matyas ' music pieces is now used in the menu screen! I may change the game music to fit it better, but thanks anyways!
  • Well, new update! I changed the in-game music because it did not fit with the menu music as much, but it is still @Eric_Matyas work, so it obviously still sound great! Thanks, and go check it out!
  • New update! Press "M" to go back to the menu!
  • New (pretty large) update! Added a Start Up level, with many different pieces of timing programming, giving it a cinematic effect (thanks to the help of @Johnny boy ), and with @Eric_Matyas ' music (I will add credits to this game, so I can credit him for this music)! Go and check it out!
  • Version 0.4 has started! I will be working more on the game, now!
  • No problem
  • Lots of new updates! I've added several different underground blocks so that I can not make new types of structures! I've also extended some of the level by a little bit, but with all of this, I couldn't make too much.
  • It is at these moments I wish I had Indie... Especially seeing @soethan1 's game, he had to use a LOT of levels and objects, which I am limited on using free. I am trying to keep things conserved as best as possible, but mine can not be on that scale :anguished: So wish me luck, and you have a great day!
  • edited May 2019
    New update! Added new background piece! Go check it out!
  • New update! Made game cover (you have to search up my game to see it)! Go check it out!
  • New update! Water is now transparent! Go check it out!
  • New update! Made it so it says "checkpoint" when a save is in session! Go check it out!
  • New update! If you press Enter, the boxes go back to their original location! Go check it out!
  • New updates! Added ST.3.V.3.N (third box) with saves/checkpoints! Extended level! Movable block now is destroyed after 3 seconds, with animation to show you! Can respawn movable boxes even if they're destroyed! Go check them out!
  • We're now on Version 0.5! I'm hoping to get to the end of the level in this version!
  • edited May 2019
    Looks like your making a lot of progress, Good Luck!
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