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The GalacticoS update log!

The GalacticoS update log!

This log will be used to give updates on improvements to GalacticoS.

If you want to give feedback, the appropriate place to do so is here :
Though feedback is welcome in this place, too.

I’ll be formatting updates this way: each usual update that improves the game gets .1 added to it s version number, and the version number starts at 1. For example, if I updated the game right after release it would be 1.1. Any bug fix will be briefly mentioned here rather than the GalacticoS description and will get a .1 behind the usual .1 until a new usual update happens. For example, a small big fix after an update would be 1.1.1, and if a new update came after that it would be 1.2. If I completely remake the game (which I probably won’t) 1 will be added. For example, if I completely rewrote the game to put crazy new physics, new storyline and more, it would be labeled “2.0”. Hopefully this clears up any confusion on how I format update names.

I will also put the date (usual month/day/year format) at the beginning, and after that, the title.

For example, this is how I format full updates (anything saying Im working on stuff or have ideas won’t get the format)

(1.4) no u update

This update adds no u, which is a nonexistent feature that will never be implemented. Goodbye.

This log was created 05/25/19


  • edited May 2019
    I'd really like to see the development of this game! I will be tuning in through updates. Good luck!

    P.S., I also have an update log for two of my games, which you can also check out.
  • Currently I’m on vacation, but after today, tomorrow and most of the day after, I will begin to work on the first update, which will be called “gramma ray”. It will change the credits a little but mostly put proper and well-checked grammar into the game, eliminating any typos.
  • Good luck @soethan1 ! It is really exciting for me to see my suggestions helping games.
  • the gramma ray update has begun development! It will also add a few more informational markers once complete to guide the player through the game easier. description has been polished.
  • The update wont be really noticed, but is very important. Good luck @soethan1 !
  • 05/28/19
    (1.1) Gramma ray update

    This update adds correct grammar, punctuation, etc to all cutscenes. more arrows have also been added for guidance.
  • I'm gonna begin working on an animation update in a few days!
  • Up next is an animation update. Any ideas on what I should add?
  • Add to the animation update, or updates in general?
  • Animation update
  • I personally think the character animation could be a bit smoother, and the enemies of the game (Vorgons, I think?) could also have it as well. Also, for the bounce/rotating character pads in the infiltration level could use an animation. (How come I'm the only one other than you commenting on this? Maybe I just know how lonely update logs can be.. :lol: ). Hope those helped, and good luck! Your game is among the best!
  • animation fluctuation update has begun development! be ready for the game to feel more alive!
  • Can you make another planet?
  • edited June 2019
    Also, on the first level of inflicting the mothership, the other "dudes" get clumped together which makes it hard to get past.
  • @retroman actually, that’s what makes it difficult! It’s an extraordinary challenge; instead of dodging, you must outsmart and maneuver through them!
  • 06/09/19
    (1.2) animation fluctuation update

    yes, as you can see, i am lazy, but i have managed to pump out another update! this one adds some new cutscene aesthetics, visual objects, stuff like that throughout the game. this update is one of two updates that both consist to ensure a more visually appealing experience throughout the game. expect 1.3 to deliver! it will start soon.
  • and just to be clear, these are my plans for future updates:
    1.3: better graphics, more visuals
    1.4: sound and music
    1.5: a main menu + other stuff
    1.6: i have an idea for "bloopers" unlocked after you beat the game and go back to the menu. (probably gonna need opinions to make sure its remotely funny)
  • ^ somewhere up there I want to redesign the vorgon mothership’s level(s), too
  • galactic graphic has begun development! game will be more visually appealing soon.
  • Best of luck @soethan1 !
  • hey everyone,
    I know ive been gone for a while, and theres really no excuse - i am being lazy.
    however, due to the circumstances, i have decided i will continue GalacticoS development the next five days. after that i will still try to develop the game more, but i most likely will less and even less so when the school year starts.
    but, GalacticoS IS in the works again! logan from the credits has agreed to make the music for the game and so far, in my opinion, its sounding pretty great. heres the link to the opening theme:
  • Can't wait to see it! Unfortunately, the Admin Console won't let me see it, but I'll check it out sometime in the game! Good luck, huge fan of your game!
  • I’m trying to make a jump animation, would making the character do a flip like in the vorgon ship every jump be a good idea?
  • I think that would get annoying for the player for that to happen each time. Maybe for a double jump?
  • maybe. should anything be changed with the cutscene after you install the tech into the vorgon ship?
  • I thought that one was pretty flawless
  • cool, thanks for the talk
  • whoever is reading this, what object(s) do you think need a graphical overhaul right now or would be nicer with better graphics?
  • Everything could be improved in ways, but I think most of the space ships could look better in the cut scenes. Also some of the planets and asteroids. One thing that stuck out was the scene where the beam captures the ship - it just doesn't look right, and not as nice as it could.

    But overall, I think you've done a great job with the graphics! Just some detail fixes, some smoother animations, and this'll look great! Good luck!
  • edited August 2019
    Just thought id share my plans for the future:

    currently a good friend of mine is making a new game cover. after that is done, i add a few more things and implement a cutscene ive had the idea for, then update 1.3 should be done.

    update 1.4 will be potentially the last update for GalacticoS since i have an idea for an online game but i still need to think about it.
    however the update will include:
    -soundtracks for everything (logan has finished all the soundtracks!)
    -sound effects
    -a main menu
    -new credits screen
    -a slight scramble of the ending levels, some dialogue changes to fit it
    -a boss fight at the very end of the game

    as ive said before, new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    just wanted to share some info on ideas for the future, thanks for your time.
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