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changing music between levels

So, I have four levels, and I want the music to be different for each level. I'm using a trigger at the beginning of each level, so when you hit it, the music is supposed to change and stop the previous level's music at the same time. Instead, what is happening is that the music from all the previous levels (except Menu music) and that levels music are playing at the exact same time and it sounds really weird. Here is the link to the game I am having trouble with:
Please help me solve this problem so I can finish this game's 2.0 update.


  • also, sorry if my game's code is a bit messy it's my first game.
  • edited May 2019
    It's because the play and stop are pressed it at the same time. It can only be off or on at a time.
    You could either:
    -add a timer (1,1) between the collision and stop,
    -make a timer (1,1) and switch before play that is turned off by the trigger,
    -or make a trigger for level 1.
  • edited May 2019
    ok, thank you! I made a trigger for LV 1 and it worked!
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