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Small game, complete the levels

edited June 2019 in Play My Game
Small game, complete the levels


  • Really good game, i think there is something wrong with when you collect all the rubish at the end of the red level
  • edited June 2019
    M8 your game good.
  • i'll check that
  • edited June 2019
    ka10399 thankyou
  • Micheal are you James Charles undercover ???
  • I mean its good...
  • A pretty decent game, but needs some more work:

    -The graphics don't all fit together, and some feel as though they were got from online. If you made all of the sprites, then nice work - but consider making all of the sprites in the same nice style.
    - Some more animations for this would be fantastic, and would give it more life. I suggest adding some to the water, fish, and maybe the pollution objects can be bobbing in the sea.
    - Finally, was it your plan that the net disappears in certain areas, and visible in others? If so, then perhaps stating so in the instructions.

    Great start, I'd like to see more. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the feedback, it really helps :)

    Your games are amazing! Especially A-Box,

    Really appreciated :)
  • I've changed the disappearing blocks :)
  • Not a bad game, could be cleaned up a but though, an actuall background, more than three levels, variation in level design, ETC.

    Did you make the sprites yourself? They look really nice and fit really well with the ocean theme
  • No problem @KA8939 , I had played through it again, and it is overall fun.

    I also checked the sprites, and they seem to be hand made, so if you did make those, nice work! I only suggest making the water and background match the nice sprite work you got there, as they both seemed underwhelmed compared to the other sprites.

    Finally, I realized this would be a great game to have modes, such as a time trial, a speed mode, maybe one with points, etc. Also, maybe a shop?

    Good luck with the game, I can't wait to see what you do with it!
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