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A-Box (Update Log 2.0 - Extended)

edited September 29 in Play My Game
I'm going to be continuing the updates here since the other is too filled up. Continuing off of Version 0.9:

(Version 0.9)
- Updated bullet particles
- Fixed typos
- Added new menu SFX
- Graphics updates
- New smoother camera
- Edited smoother camera
- New game cover
- Edited new game cover
- Updated some SFX
- Edited smoother camera
- Added T.0.DD Easter Egg
- Added some cheats
- Started production of third monitor
- Added third monitor animation
- Edited laser and animation
- Edited some damage programming
- Arrow keys now changed to WAD for movement

Here is the previous discussion for the first part of the update log - .

And here is the link to the game, A-Box:

Coming up :

- More characters (after game has finished boss)
- Puzzles
- More story development (started )
- Skins (most likely in the form CUBED used it)
- More obstacles (So far: water, spikes, lasers, movable blocks, buttons & blocks, TNT)
- Credits
- More options in menu
- More scenery pieces (if objects are available)
- Boss

This is all due if I have enough objects.

Thanks to everyone, and stay tuned to incoming updates!


  • New update! Added a smoother camera for the game! Go check it out!
  • A new A-Box cover is coming out soon once the cache resets! (If that's how it works, @grazer )
  • Made some minor edits to SFX, game cover, and smooth camera!
  • New update! Added a "couple" of Easter Eggs for the main level T.0.DD! Go try and find it!
  • New update! There is now some cheats in the game! Can you find them?
  • I beat this game first try.
  • Thank yoooou @GlassBlowerGuy ! People have said it was too hard, and that is what they disliked about it. I tried making it have a decent difficulty, but nothing to get over the story elements I was trying to implement.

    I hope you enjoyed the game, it took me a while to make, and is still being updated! If you enjoyed the game, please drop a like! I'd also appreciate any feedback you can off! Thanks again, and have a great day!
  • Yeah, sure @rcreger. It might be the fact that I've spent over 20 years gaming, and at least half of them, are games like yours (kind of). Anyways, I think it deserves to be on the front page. Good job making this out of a flowlab game!
  • Also, please post the link to your game
  • edited July 28
    Thank you very much @GlassBlowerGuy ! For the link, if you click the link for the other update log, it has the link. But I suppose posting one here would make it easier:


    EDIT: It is in the description of this discussion as well. Thanks again!
  • New update! Currently the third and final monitor into the game! The animation is set for it at the moment, I just have to add the dialogue! Go check it out (in the editor)!
  • New update! I've updated the laser and its animation! Unfortunately, the third monitor is not finished.. But go check it out!
  • New update! There are no longer arrow keys in gameplay - you must use WAD to play A-Box from now on. Sorry for any inconveniences. Please enjoy, and leave any feedback below!
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