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A-Box (Update Log 2.0 - Extended)



  • edited April 29
    Ah, thank you @Superstargames ! I'll see if I can sort anything out then, but for the time being, looks like the extension of the game won't come until a while.. But thank you for letting me know!

    I just mainly thought because it said it could be cancelled, hence I could stop it before my gift card would expire:)
  • New update! Added screen shake at the end of "The Battle" level!
  • New small update! Added some extra SFX at the end of "The Battle" level!
  • New update! In "The Battle" level, when fighting T.1.M., if his bullets accidentally hit himself, it will do 5 damage points to him! It should help give an upper hand and also a strategy to beat him! Go check it out!
  • Also added an animation to T.1.M.'s self damage! Battle tested and working!
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