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The Forgotten Game



  • This is a quick sketch of Shadow= aaa

    It depicts that Shadow is crawling on your bed and about to kill you. Also, there is a handprint on his chest for reasons I will unleash later. I don't want to overwhelm anybody. And, even though you don't see it, there is a label above its teeth, which says "Project 1".
  • edited July 2019
    That drawing scared me to death when I opened up the page! That really will be the most terrifying Android that I may encounter in your game. I am also quite interested in the Manglers, those guys sound scary.
  • Yes. I'm making more sketches for the others, which are equally as scary, including the manglers. Now that I think about it, Mangler is the scariest one I have ever made, for the picture u will see is it on the roof, with its head twisted.
  • Sorry @ShadowAxeKid Productions , I may not be on the forums for a while - so it is not possible for me to make you a background for you. But when I am back on, I will get to it!

    Sorry for any inconvenience, and good luck with the game!
  • Your fine. Honestly, I'm taking a break for medical reasons, so I won't be on for a while to. The best thing I can do right now is create sketches and send it to here to give you an idea of what I'm thinking.
  • So this is what I'm gonna do with Sawdust

    There will be 4 animations that it will randomly pick to move based on filters. When it escapes your room, it will randomly pick 2 animations based on its movement, for it will move to 2 different places. That is how I'm gonna do the coding on this game. Its surprisingly simple.

    Also, for the hand of Sawdust. I will put it on the map, but it won't be visible, for it will be the same color as the map. Its easier that way and will still work for me. I will do this when I'm done with the other android mappings.
  • And this is what I'll do in the future

    -Do all the mappings of the androids.

    -Start working on the jump scares and death jump scares, for when you die, there will be a jump scare of who killed you.

    -start working on the guns and custom mouse cursor. I might add a knife for melee as well.

    -Make the door and the closet coding so the androids can hide and go through.

    -Start working on the android attacks and movements in your room and how they will hide.

    -Add final details, add fancy and dim lighting, fix up any glitches, include all the sounds, and boom, flowlab will have its first horrifying horror game.

    -I also have big plans... But who would want to give away my little secret for this game? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    But... just to be fair... be looking for clues and hidden hidden messages in the game and mysterious sayings in this forum. Maybe you can find out... But that's up to you...
  • These are pretty good plans, though I am not sure about the knife. Theoretically, a gun would damage a robot much easier than a knife would, because the bullet speed would certainly puncture the metal. I'm not saying it's impossible to stab an Android in the chest with a knife, but it would be difficult to do so. Also, since it's a melee weapon, you would have to risk getting close to the Androids, which is just what they want. Then again, it is still a good idea since it could be useful for when you run out of ammo for all weapons, or when the Android you are facing is getting closer and closer. You can decide whether you want to add it or not, seeing as it's your game and not mine, I'm just giving my own opinion on it.
  • sup peeps
    im shadowaxekid productions bro
    and i found a secret msg in tis game its clever & hard to decipher
    i have figured it out but im not premitted to give ANY ANSWERS WHATSOEVER
    so ill post a hint @6:30pm Est TODAY
  • @Superstargames just replace knife with long sword lel
  • Hey like my thumbnai, nvm

  • this game seems nice
  • @Superstargames You have a point, but if you have the knife, it could actually work effectively. If you look at the arms of the sketch really closely, you could see a blur that looks like the wires dangling from the body. That is where the knife comes in play. You could be lucky when you hit the androids and cut the wires, killing them or doing great damage. You will do random damage each hit though, and the chance of hitting it and doing damage is slim.

    Also, my brother is correct. There indeed is a secret message somewhere hidden in the game. And even if you find it, you have to decipher it in a certain way. If you watched Gravity Falls, it should be helpful on how to translate it, and how Bill Cypher speaks.
  • @ShadowAxeKid Productions Yeah, you've also made a point.
  • But just to collide both of our ideas, it rarely does a lot of damage.
  • Another secret message has been added that refers more to the game than to the future of the game
  • This is gonna be a little harder than I thought. I'm having trouble doing the animation randomization. I decided if toggle switches would do the trick, but instead it just does the animation ultra fast. @JR 01 I need help please. Do you know how to make a animation randomization?
  • edited July 2019
    Maybe combine random block with number filter block. That is useful to create random events. You can also use logic gates and timer block to create more complex random events or to slow down the speed of the animations. But if that still doesn't work, or if you already tried that, then you'll have to see what JR 01 says when he sees your comment.
  • Also the game seems to be turning out really good, especially in the opening with the red eyes, the sonars, and the scary sound effects when you press play.
  • Try what @Superstargames said about the filters,
    and if your still having trouble then @JR 01 again and leave a link to the game.
  • So it didn't work, but thanks to my countless hour experimenting, I figured something out, and it does indeed require filters, but in a different way. This is what I ended up doing, and it mostly revolves around switches.
    I made a random trigger that picks a number 1-4. There are also four filters, each being equal to 1, 2 ,3 and 4. These are hooked up to switches. If a filter detects a number, it will turn on the switch. The others who didn't detect it will go off just in case if it glitched or something. Then, I have that number thing that I did with Rider that will go through the switches and into the animations if it is on, continuing the animation.
    If you couldn't follow that, here is a picture=
    The timer is just testing it out. It will actually be a once trigger.
    Also the empty switches that don't have animations attached to them are the ones that will have other animations attached to them. I just haven't made them yet, and I'm doing it right now.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, another secret in the game is hiding and its somewhere where you first boot up the game.
  • edited July 2019
    I found one secret (though I won't say where it is for the sake of it being a secret), but I still need to decipher it and understand what it means.
  • @Superstargames I'll give you a hint- if you watched Gravity Falls, there is one particular person who can speak like this, but I'm not saying who. I said this out loud because I decided to give hints due to my family and friends struggling a little to decipher it.

    This refers to the 2 first hints so far. The others will be more tricky to decipher and will require another way of deciphering. If you find the answer, send it to my inbox. I think its private between you and me, but I'm not sure. I will ask @grazer if it is private.
  • Another thing- My medical reason for not being on flowlab for a little bit has passed, and now I will be on and working more often and I will catch up to what point I was intended to be at now.
  • After reading a forum that discussed the maturity of the game, I have decided to make an Age Select. If your 13 or older, or click 15 or 16+, you will go to the next level. If you pick 7 or 12, you won't be able to play. You guys click 15 or 16+ to review the game. If you think of an appropriate age this game should have, please tell me. Forgotten game
  • Well, horror games are usually for teens and/or adults, but some, like Hello Neighbor (which I don't consider a horror game myself) can be played by a younger audience. So far, your game appears to be a 13 and older game. The scary aspect to The Forgotten is a lot more intense than to those that younger people can still play. And your description to the Manglers sounds like your hinting that your game may contain blood and some gore. And just as your age reader says, the jumpscares you're planning to add will be downright terrifying.

    So, my suggestions:
    Mild jumpscares = 10+
    Mild blood with jumpscares = 13+
    Blood and gore with intense jumpscares = 16+
  • Well the game seems nice, but i can`t figure out how to play.
  • @Superstargames There will not be any blood and gore, but maybe some bones, like a skull inside the mangler (shouldn't be too intense, for the skull is barely visible. Its just a design choice). However, there will be intense jump scares. I honestly think it will be 13+, because the jump scares are horrifying and can be a little unexpected, and without the use of blood, like some of the FNAF ones.
  • @Dan studios The game development has just started, so it isn't complete. However , this is the concept so far, and it just revolves around the phone.

    If you press P, you will bring out your phone. None of the dots will move, but a countdown will start, which is visible on the top left corner of the screen. If it reaches 50, 25, or 10, it will send an alert saying that your phone battery is decreasing. If it reaches 0, the dots on your screen are gone, and your left hopeless, praying that nothing will come at you. (At least what you will feel when the game is finished.)

    If you press O, or don't bring the phone out at all, the dots will indeed move without you looking. However, when they do move, you will here a tiny pop, which means that something moved.

    Also, what I will do is that when the Manglers come and hit you, your phone breaks, and you will cripple and die.
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