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No longer colliding

How do I make it so when an object is no longer colliding with an object, it sends an output?


  • make it:
    [ J ] not solid
    [ J ] Enable collisions
  • @JR 01 This doesn't help me. I'll just tell you my situation.

    In the final level of my game ( I need the door to open as long as Timmy is colliding with the button. But when Timmy doesn't collide with the button, the door closes.
  • The colliding behavior can't do that, you will either have to use a ray-cast or a proximity.
  • edited July 2019
    So as collide, do you mean always when on the object?
    Collide is a one time action, you need to always detect it.

    If you want to detect when your on it, a proximity or a raycast would be better (depending if its only at a specific angle).
  • Yeah Raycast Would probably be best. Just go into “Timmy” and do always Raycast, “button” then hit sends a message to the door telling it to open, and miss sends a message telling it to close.
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