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How to make enemy only hurt when touched for too long?

edited July 2019 in How To
So for my vorgon infiltration level in GalacticoS I wanted to but couldn’t figure out a way so if the player touches a vorgon they don’t do anything but if they stay touching the vorgon for too long the level restarts. This would also mean the timer would reset when the player stops touching the vorgon. Is this doable, and if so, how?


  • please post a link to the game... even if its on the front page, it way quicker to click a link in the post.

    Yes, it is possible but its really how you want to do it.
    You can use a raycast to detect vorgon and reset when you miss.

    you could also do other ways or use different behaviors foe what you want to do.
    A proximity and gate could work too.
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