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A lock-on ability

I want a thing where if you press a button, you focus on the closest interactive thing. And, lets say your focused on that thing. If you press a button, you boost directly to it to kill it.
And what I also need help with is the camera to be between the distance of the locked-on thing. IS that possible?


  • edited August 2019
    Yes, this is possible but not easy.
    Your gonna need to use proximity to detect the closest enemy and use a camera set up similar to my Hotline Miami camera.
    I'll try to make an example for lock-ons later

    Hotline Miami Camera:
  • Yeah I had a feeling that it wouldn't be easy. But I'll try to do it. The Hotline Miami Camera link is very helpful.
  • edited September 2019
    Hey @ShadowAxeKid, I figured it out and made an Example level!

    It targets a specific enemy and the camera stays between them.
    I also added a radical when targeting, to give a better idea on what your looking at.
    And when you walk too far, it de-targets them.

    Target Example:
  • @JR 01 This is EXACTLY what I wanted! Thank you, mate!
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