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Test Levels

I think there should be testing levels for free users, but they can only be loaded in the editor. I think it would help people test things without using levels used for playing.


  • I'm not too sure what your asking here,
    everyone can look at other games and see how they are made, even to test / mess around their games without making actual changes.

    Are you asking to load pre-made examples to test around with?... or that you can undo changes made to the game like loading a save point in an auto-save log?? Maybe a 4th game slot that can't save used for testing???

    Grazer has many example everyone can test around with, even I have plenty of examples and test that can greatly help. Although having a page list for just example/test games would be neat.
  • Its a testing level for free users that can't be loaded with behaviors.
  • can't be loaded with behaviors?
  • The level isn't able to load by the "next level" behavior. Making it editor only.
  • How would just having an editor help?
    You wouldn't really be able to play test what you've done in the editor then...
  • I mean that it can't be loaded when using a share URL. Annotation 2019-11-08 140820
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