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For some reason mobile doesn't detect clicks?

So uh, im making a game, and for some reason on mobile it detects the clicks, but it doesn't actually activate the code inside the object.It works perfectly on PC, but not on mobile. Uh, so I want to know if its a bug in my game, or if its a bug in the file @grazer or anyone else who knows.


  • If it works on PC, it should work on mobile, so most likely this is some sort of issue with the mobile click handling. Can you post a link to the game, and are you testing on Android or iOS?
  • android. here's the link @grazer. Thanks :)
  • you didn't happen to fix it. didja @grazer? :O
  • Hey @Lyndon Bork - not yet, sorry. I had to go get a replacement Android device, which I did today - I'll post here when I get it sorted out.
  • right, thanks
  • I usually have a large invisible UI object for where you want to click
    (Though I think the Clickbox [not hitbox] is always a sqaure?).

    Also I've been having reports and problems on mobile lately that I'm trying to pinpoint.
    I'll try to DM the problems to you soon @grazer, but I haven't had to chance to find the causes yet.

    Edit: I accidentally commented this on the wrong discussion.
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