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'Point At' block is messed up by 'Camera' block

edited January 2 in Bugs
The name says it all.

HELP @grazer !!!



  • What object uses Point-At?
  • I think player
  • AAA Player doesn't have a Point-At nor a camera
  • edited January 6
    I got rid of them cause it whacked it

    Make a game and test it out urself.

    all you need is
    1) a movable player
    2) a cam in dat player
    3) point at wutever.

    @JR 01
  • edited January 6
  • edited January 7
    Give me access to the game and I can show you more easily what I mean.

    Or you can read dis:

    Go into New Type 2 and add 'Mouse Move' and 'Position', then you will see what i mean

    I don't know if this link will work.

    @JR 01
  • I still don't @RageDayz, I added the behaviors into New Type 2.
    I made Mouse move = the position of that object, if this is still not what you mean I could let you edit this so I can see the problem.

  • It is what I mean, does it work?

    Also try making the size of the game bigger.

    @JR 01
  • It works for me @RageDayz, but I added the Mouse X and Y with the Camera X and Y.
    Thats how you get objects to work with MouseMove when in the Game layer.
    I also made the game bigger, but you just have to adjust the camera behavior and the numbers to center the player.
  • Idk wtf is wrong...

    Can I just add you to my team and you fix my game then leave?
  • Please just join. This won't take long.
  • I could but I need to know what object has the camera and what object is being pointed at.
  • Object is being pointed at mouse

    The object is AAA player
  • Done, I also centered the camera to the player and added the gun flip if thats ok
  • edited January 8

    BTW what did you think? How much did you play?

    @JR 01
  • Sorry I didn't play much lol
    I saw a few scenes while I was fixing it up. I like how the player is part of a group of soldiers that looked the same.
  • Can I help you with your Flowjam game?

    You could make a copy and see what I can do, then decide if you want my help.

    I mostly just don't want to have to do it all by myself.

    You would get the prize.

    @JR 01
  • I also wanted to tell you that I think the problem isn't the Camera or the Mouse Move. I think it's the fact that I made the Camera view larger than the screen.

    I added you to the team, but here's a link anyway.
  • Maybe check out the "Follow Mouse & Scroll" game from the examples page:

    The issue is that the world scrolls around and it's coordinates update, the mouse's coordinates do not change. This can be fixed manually, as in the example.
  • I'll check it out!
  • Okay, I'll do that.
  • Nah, I'm already working with someone else and I like more of having full control and making all the code myself. Also Idk about the prize anyway I would plan to pass it to him, thanks anyway.

    The problem was more on MouseMove because the Mouse only has X and Y for the UI (or the screensize). I had to adjust the X and Y by adding where the camera is with Mouse Move.

    Edit: Grazer beat me to it lol
  • Oh, ok whatever.

    You don't have to answer this but, who are you working with?
  • What is their Username?
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