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Please Help Me Finalise My Game!

This has been a journey for my game. Originally an incomplete Flowjam entry, my game included a lot of content. But when rushing a game for 2 weeks, the amount of errors and bugs... are phenomenal. Now about a month later, I'm still fixing it, and it is almost ready to be a complete, full game, but there are some bugs I need help fixing first. The main problem is the Level Complete, as the code for that in "Indicator" UI Block is not working. It gives an alert and when pressed should transport to the next level. Instead, it just takes you to the Title Screen, and I have no idea why. Sometimes my game wants to glitch and fill all custom sprites with the default block. And When I move my player in proximity to the thing that takes you to the next level, the portal, in the editor, when I press "play" it glitches so hard a reload page is in order. DON'T Worry about the broken tutorial, I am working on it. Maybe @grazer , @Mhx Aîr or @JR 01 might know how to help, they are some of the best and most experienced on here so...

This is the Game:
If you have any idea of how to help or maybe want more information Please do post bellow!


  • Hm... I'm very lost in this one @The Kodex , I'm going to have to look at this a bit.
  • I'm not sure what is wrong. The game looks pretty good, and the intro was amazing, though the controls and mechanics are a bit tough sometimes. Also, yeah, the tutorial needs work. Can you tell me which objects are having trouble?
    @grazer @JR 01
  • Wait - Level Complete sends you to the next level instead of the title? Because that's the main problem, along with some minor glitches along the way. Its mainly the "Level Complete" and random bugs.
  • I might have not gotten that far, let me see. So, the object is called "level complete"?
  • There are multiple objects in which indicate the end of the level, but the level complete code is in the "Indicator", in the UI. The main thing that ends the level is the portal, and an orb, as well as a block that looks like stone
  • Okay, what I think is happening is that you're telling the character to die after interacting with the portal. When you die, you to the menu. Remove that, and just make it so that collision with the portal pulls up the UI, then when clicking the button, go to next level. You don't even have to use messages in that part, which may be what is over-complicating it.

    Hope this helps!
  • @rcreger when you die, ot pulls up a "You have died" Menu. I see why you think this, because I send the Player a message "Death" right? My fault. All that does is delete the character, it does not actually do all of the death code. Die in the game and you will see the "You have died" menu. The problem is it follows out my "Level complete" code in indicator, but as you press continue it actually goes back to the menu instantly, weather if you die it gives an option of re spawning or exiting to main menu. Good observation though, it's just my fault that I named it poorly.
  • Okay, makes sense. Here's what I suggest tho: Don't delete the character. Instead, make it so when the message pops up on the screen, go from "button press" of the message to "next level". You can find the "next level" box in the Game Flow tab. In it, select which level you want it to go to.

    Doing this will make it so once you press the button from the message, it goes to whatever level you want. Tell me if that works, or if you have any other questions.
  • Thats the thing @rcreger - I had already done that in block called "indicator" in ui editor. Thats why I'm so confused, WHY IS IT NOT WORKING? (Sorry, not at you @rcreger , just cursing myself)
  • edited February 23
    I know I talked about this before but I just cant find that old discussion.

    As I check it you deleted the bundle lol, but I'm sure it was just an issue of how you were using the save behavior. But if your trying to check what level your on, here's an idea.

    The 2 Save behaviors have the same name;
  • Ok, @JR 01 I added "Save Data" bundle to menu so I got it back and you may have just solved my save progress issue, so thank you for that. Really, if it works, this will help in all my games.

    What I also need help with as @rcreger and I were discussing there is a bug in which when you press continue level it takes you back to the title screen, and i'm not sure why. Take a look at indicator and player code and tell me if there is a problem
  • I still am not sure what it is @The Kodex , I'm not all keen on the programming side, even if it is drag and drop. I've been off FlowLab for a decent amount of time.
  • @rcreger I know, and thank you for trying to help anyway. I really appreciate you trying to help, it's not your fault. Maybe @grazer @PixelPizza @Latif or even @todorrobot to see what is wrong this, and maybe give additional feedback on the game as well.
  • Alright, well, I wish you luck on finding the issue @The Kodex , I'm sure it will come out clear eventually! Thanks!
  • Hey @browngr , do you think you could help with this? Your good at code and flowlab.
  • Hey @rcreger , @JR 01 and @browngr , I have found a very long and tedious solution to the problem, in which should work. I will try individually having separate codes to take one level to another in every level. Though this may be a solution, I still don't understand why the code is not working and would like to know why as this could be the cause for some future bugs.

    I will continue to post if there are future problems.
  • Good luck @The Kodex - I literally have no idea what is going on, and very inexperienced with this part being off of FlowLab for so long, but nonetheless, good luck!
  • @The Kodex
    If your talking about the Indicator object in the UI layer,
    then it wont work because the "Next Level" behavior has to have a level in it.

    It doesnt automatically go to the next level if its blank.
  • It should, it has worked in the past @JR 01 and if not, why The Title/Menu Screen istead of just staying on the level?
  • edited February 26
    Last I checked, you didn't have the indicator object in the Title/Menu levels.

    You have different objects for clicking and have set next levels.
  • I can't believe this! I managed to create a new object for each level and it still just goes to the home screen! SOMETHING IS WRONG! @rcreger @JR 01 @browngr
  • edited February 26
    Please be more specific, what objects are they in what level?
    It works as far as I can tell
  • edited February 27
    Sorry, been busy. Alright, @The Kodex! Let's do this! First of all, yes, I think it'd be a good start to elaborate on the info. Which sprite is currently causing trouble?
  • Sorry @browngr @JR 01 and @rcreger , but one of my school friends helped me and unfortunately, I found out the alert for "level complete" was the problem. I still have no idea why but as soon as that went... It worked perfectly. Again, my appologies, I'm still making the finishibg touches to my game. If anyone does figure out why the alert was doing this to my code, do please post.

    Additionally, do still have a bit of a play through before I finish it would be great having feedback on how it is playes on multiple devices and if there are any bugs. If you do have a bit of a test-play of the game, please do post feedback, bugs, or things that may not look or be good to the players.

    Kind regards, @The Kodex
  • Welp, I'll still be there if something comes up!
    Kinda cool that people are calling out for me now... I feel famous XD
  • i've been called once...
  • @JR 01 you save data does and does not work. It recorded the save data, and, judging by how much the amount of save data their is, will go to the designated level. But here's the catch - it will only work when activated. The Only way to activate it is to complete a level, which is the problem.

    Does Anyone know how to fix this? @rcreger @browngr @seamothmaster45
  • Yes, its to save the last place you have been and count up after completing that level.

    Since its in a Save block, you can use this save block in other objects (like in the play button) to read the data and continue where you left off.

    How else where you wanting to activate it @The Kodex?
  • No, you got it perfectly @JR 01 Thank you! Do you think you could post what the code in the play button looks like though, just to be sure what to do exactly. Just a tiny reference like your example above.

    If you could, that would be great. Thanks for all the help @JR 01

    and @browngr I have seen and played your games, your coding. Your really good at flowlab. I usually only tag Flowlab veterans. Welcome to the Vets (P.s I'm not in it yet.)
  • I can later today but its basically the same as the picture above, but without the second save block (because your just reading data) and you use click instead of a mailbox.
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