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My latest creation "Day to Night"

I've been working on a game that I started up for Flowjam, but never quite finished it. Also, the game was presentable but I didn't enter it because I knew I didn't have a chance against the other participants.

Day to Night is a 2-D crafting survival game where you mine resources and craft tools to either help mine faster or to defend yourself against the evils that awaits at night. This forum page is mainly going to be an update log for new items I should add in the game. I would encourage you play the game and come up with any bugs and probably characters I could add.

I was inspired by meburningslime's game Terraria v3.6 and I wanted to make my own, but more simpler with less blocks to decrease lag. (I hope you don't take offense by your game's mention)

The rules are a bit complicated.
W, A, S, D, is for movement and jump
E, is for crafting menu
Q, is to toggle build mode
Arrow keys are to move the building outline
Secondary click to build (only if you have dirt in your inventory)
Aim, Click, and hold to mine resources.
If you can't mine a certain item, then you must press 1-3 to cycle between sword, axe, and pick.
Sword can only be used to attack enemies.
Axe can only be used to mine trees
And Pick can mine stone

You can craft new tools like stone tools to mine faster and to mine iron. A wooden pick won't cut it. Also the fighting mechanic is a but broken, so don't head on fight a group of enemies just yet. There is an entire inventory system, so you can keep track of what you have. I guess I'll stop typing to decrease you time and just play the game and let me know what you think.


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