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Morph Trials

edited May 9 in Play My Game
Try out my new game called Morph Trials, its not finished but i just wanna see if you guys like it or not.


  • i guess no one wants to try it...
  • this game is really cool!
    i like the idea of having multiple characters.
    but at the beggining you have to click through a lot of text blocking your view when running away from that monster.
    maybe use the pause behavior when the first alert shows up, and unpause on the last one?
  • edited May 9
    Thanks @F3Art for the tip! and I'm glad you liked it!
  • and i put that big monster there so that i could see something but i forgot i left it there and i just removed it, its supposed to spawn in after a certain time.
  • That game has great mapping! I could not get to all of it, but I looked at it in the editor.
  • Thank you @YouMakeEm ! this is by far the best game I've ever made. and i don't know why you couldn't get all of it...
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