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In app purchases

I'm new to the forum, have some solid intermediate coding skills and am looking to get into game dev for passive income.

Looking around on the forum, I found paid version, ads, but not in app purchases through flowlab. I found this with some general app monetization googles:

Is it possible to integrate the Google Play API with flowlab indie app export for Android development?

If so, any idea on how you would go about actually doing that?!


  • @VapeApe
    In-app purchases aren't currently possible with Flowlab, though you can code it where you can purchase things by using ads. (also the ads behavior only works on exports)

    @grazer created Flowlab, and is always adding and updating it.
    Currently the only API behaviors are the Admod and the Highscore. The Highscore only works on Apple atm, I would like to see more API integrations, as well as more API behaviors.
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