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The Third Generation Quest

edited May 19 in How To
Like I have said in my Third Generation forum post, we are onto Gen 3 of flowlab. Here, just like the 21st Century Mathematical Challenges, I want to give some unsolved challenges and mysteries to the next gen. Any people who succeed in these tasks will get a game made for them by the Collaborating Dev Alliance. (lol!)
Now to the challenges:
1: Make an immersive 3D world.
2: Make in-game chat, not just emotes.
3: Build an in-game natural terrain generation (SOLVED) meburningslime - Use a Midpoint Array Sounding.
4:Create a rendering game that loads chunks as needed.
5: Solve SCP: World's End's Mystery.
6: Create a learning, conversational A.I. It needs to learn things other than combat, such as etequitte, since combat has AI is suprisingly easy.
7: Create an immersive civilizaation game.
Anything I should add? Let me know! :)


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