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Behaviors descriptions

I'd like to start by saying that there's a lot I love about flowlab so far, and I'm impressed by the hard work and dedication that has gone into it. That being said, I'm having trouble learning how everything works. The behaviors descriptions haven't been terribly helpful, as more than a few have not been updated to reflect the latest version of flowlab. Also, the descriptions are very technical. As a beginner, I'm kind of lost in this flood of new vocabulary that I don't quite understand. The tutorials here on the forums are helpful for quick fixes, but I'm more interested in learning *how* the behaviors work than making something happen immediately. I know it would be quite a project to undertake, but I think the site would benefit greatly from it, since a lot of the users are younger and/or just starting to learn about code.

I think that if there were a page that described the behaviors in more "laymen's" terms, along with an example or two of practical applications, there would be less asking "how do I do this?" and more "I did this, but can't get x to work...". More people experimenting rather than asking other people to make them tutorials. Maybe it's just me. As a learner I like to know *how* things work. Example...a lot of questions are answered with "here! copy my behaviors and all your problems will be solved" or "just connect x (in) to y (out) and then y (set) to z (#)...etc." Like I said, this is helpful for a quick fix but not for long-term understanding. So, okay, your behavior bundle solved my problem, but...why did it solve my problem? Why does it work? How does it do it?

Anyway, that's my argument for why the behaviors support page needs an update. I completely understand if it's not something anyone can get to anytime soon. For a plan B question, is there any resource outside of flowlab someone recommends for understanding the different behavior terms? That would also be incredibly helpful. Thanks!
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