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Does emit beahvior have limits? (and one more weird problem)

My game
1. On level two, I have a "emitter object" named "tactic 2". It emits "block test" when you click somewhere. But after a number, it doesn't emits "block test". Does emit behavior have limits?
2. On level two, "block test" blocks must go to my mouse, but when I scroll and then emit, it doesn't go to my mouse's position, but it shows me the same position with my mouse...
Sorry for my bad english


  • Emit can only create so many objects, once the limits is hit, at least one object has to be removed via expiring or deleting.
  • Yeah, like @jngthree said - eventually the emitter will stop emitting until some emitted objects expire. The current object limit is 100, which is maybe too low. I can raise it pretty easily if needed, but there will still be some inherent limit since your game will start running very slowly if the level fills up with emitted objects.

    Is there a reason that you can't expire the objects? What do you think a reasonable limit is?
  • I don;t understand the second issue - can you post a link to the game we're discussing?
  • There is a link up there @grazer
    Click on "My Game" it's a link
  • oops, so there is - sorry :)
  • :) So when you scroll the screen and try to create a new block, the block must go your mouse's position. It goes to true Y position but it goes to wrong X position. I have a system at level two, the block shows "mouse's x pos - block's x pos" and "mouse's y pos - block's y pos" with label. I did this system because I thinked this can show me why this happens, but it shows me 0 (mouse x pos - block x pos = 0 = at the same position) position so I think it is a bug. (You can use these labels for understand what is going on, I didn't deleted them.)
  • Any news for second issue @grazer ?
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