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Falling and Infinite Run

I'm new at this and I'm trying to make a game where a Pikachu runs and dodges falling pokeballs, and I've encountered two problems:
ONE: I have no idea how to make the pokeballs fall from the sky.
TWO: I somehow messed it up so that my Pikachu runs infinetly in the direction I choose.
If anyone knows how to help, I would greatly appreciate it.
P.S. You can find my game it's called Poke.IO if you want to see how it's going wrong.


  • Oh another thing is I want to change the death message to "You were caught!", but I'm not sure how.
  • OK... Figured out the death message but I now want to make it go to the next level. I made a berry trigger to end the level and bring me to the new one(Which I haven't made yet), but it doesn't work.
  • Figured out infinite running.
  • Figured out berry trigger, but now that I want to move on to level three, the collision Box won't let me select Pikachu for the name even though Pikachu is set as the player.
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    Great! Sorry I could respond, all these spambots
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