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Free education account?

edited September 2017 in General
I went to grazer's profile to see some of his games and I got an invitation, now I have an education account for history class.
Clicked on it because I was curious, didn't know it'd actually happen. LOL
Will this change back to Indie soon enough?
(does anyone else have this now?)


  • edited September 2017
    Kind of uncomfortable having an education account with a "Go to teacher dashboard" at the top of every single one of my games :grimace:

    Was the invitation intended, or what? Does everyone get it, so if a guy with a free account goes to grazer's profile, he can get unlimited games? Or just the forumers? What about latif3
  • edited September 2017
  • Curiosity killed the cat, I guess. Hopefully you didn't sign up for the second most expensive plan via free trial. That must be a link grazer emails teachers if they want to try flowlab before buying.
  • Huh?! I just want my indie account back :anguished:

    @grazer you there?
  • He will probably check this weekend. Until flowlab is out of beta, he probably has a lot of stuff to do outside the forums.
  • @Luminous700 Education is better than indie so you should've said nothing :p
  • No it's not, lol. Because now there's the flowlab loading screen. With "education edition" on it, not good for google play apps.
  • Yikes, I was testing that and left it in - thanks for letting me know. I'll fix up your account tonight when I get back home (I'm in an airport at the moment).
  • Well, there's no benifits in education other than having multiple student accounts, which is like indie. But there's a "teacher dashboard" on every single on of your games

    Quick Latif3, build all the levels and games possible NOW! XDDD
  • edited September 2017
  • An indie account is only about $1.25 a week, $5 a month, $59 a year. That's just a little bit more expensive than Xbox Live. Most free users are kids or teens. I'd say to your parents, if you're too young for a credit card, that if you're doing okay in school, $1.25 a week isn't that expensive for your parents. I used to get paid $10 every 2 weeks to mow the lawn as a kid. If I mowed the lawn 6 times, I could buy a year of indie. I would like to encourage parents and teachers to fund flowlab. It's a great educational creative tool, and it costs less than a sandwich from McDonalds per week. That would be a good marketing gimmick. $5 a month, that's cheaper than a Big Mac meal.
  • edited September 2017
    This place is awesome. Knowing I can make a fully functional game in a few clicks is cheaper than getting a burger.

  • edited September 2017
    Hmm I kind of spammed the new game button and eh.. lots of games now :astonished:
  • But what if.. I want a sandwich and an indie account.
  • I only have a free account :(
  • lol im broke
  • @grazer I still have the education account
  • Hey @Luminous700 - you should be all fixed up. Thanks again for reporting this issue.
  • Thanks grazer!
    Shameful to admit, I was actually getting attached to that education account... lol
  • I have to be fair so

    @grazer My account turned from education into a student account but I'm actually using a free account. What happened?
  • He's generously bestowed you of a free student account for your time here at flowlab and loyalty. Congratulations! Now you're grazer's first pupil.
  • edited September 2017
    Hey Latif, I switched you over to a trial account instead of just shutting it off - but it's going to expire at the end of the month (tomorrow), and you'll be on the free plan again.
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