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Hey, I have been working on a test game and tried making it so when a button is pressed a sound is played, I've tried multiple things, gotten URL's, followed correct procedures yet nothing is working. Could anyone help out with it? Thanks


  • edited February 2018
    Do you know how the sound behavior works? Only .mp3 links are allowed;

    Post your game link here if it's still not working.
  • Also, try some other games that have sounds and music (like to make sure that your browser window isn't muted or something.
  • Thanks both for helping out, firstly, of course, I know how the sound behaviour works... and of course, I know only .mp3 links are allowed. I'm pretty sure it says I followed tutorials regarding some info on it, which is based on Dropbox, where I got my link from, and no my window isn't muted but I will definitely look further into that game, thanks.
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