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Should Exporting take hours?

edited March 2018 in General
I'm the Teacher using the Education version of flowlab and I've been trying to export a game for Desktop. I started it 3 hours ago and it's still saying "building windows app"
should it be taking this long? I don't think it's all that complicated of a game so it makes no sense to me that it's been hours and no application yet.


  • that's a little strange. @grazer you should look into this.
  • edited March 2018
    I refreshed it when i came in the today and it had the download option. So I guess it worked, it just took forever.
  • Hello @rmattison - sorry that was taking so long. Exports shouldn't take hours, generally.

    The builds go into a queue, so it's possible if there are several builds ahead of yours then it can take a while to complete. The complexity of the game doesn't really matter much, so simple games aren't really any faster than complicated ones.
  • @grazer Hi!I have the same problem. When I refresh it is completed but when I try to install it It says Null Object Reference. And this is something that goes on since yesterday. A bit of help please!
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