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Shifter (Pre-Alpha 0.0.009) MUSIC BREAK



  • Crystal’s Cloaked incarnation
    And maybe Sam’s uncloaked incarnation (shown in my avatar) @Mhx Aîr
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    I don't know what the characters look like if I were to make a head icon for them. I know I made a cloaked example back then, but I don't know how they look in your head.
  • Crystal’s icon could be her scythe

    Sam’s emblem is an orange skull with blue Flames
  • No I mean like talking head RPG faces that go on text boxes. Actually, that would be annoying making one for every NPC, maybe I'll only do those for main characters. I'll think about it, but I'll look into the characters, I was thinking of adding them, and the new character in Awakening as characters, since nobody else has humans in their game.
  • But your game is futuristic, right? idk if the protagonist in awakening would fit the world.

    Maybe I could send you a pic of me when I had blue hair ahahah
  • Sam is human, and crystal is semi-human
  • edited June 2018
    You had 5 concept characters, and they all seem to be ancient spiritual style. I could see them being in Tepala, the city of meditation,
    Or Vyteon, the city of the elements, if they practiced elements, potions, and etc. I could just use a few of the concepts, if you want to give them names or something.

    Not sure where Sam and CS would be, since they could be elementals, probably Vyteon.

    The other two cities are the city of lightning and the city of technology, and your characters don't really fit into the power obsessed warrior, or technologically-advanced super futuristic type.
  • I suggest giving them an unknown backstory on how they got there, even they don’t know. Amnesia
  • edited June 2018
    All characters on Planet Tactix are incarnate. The idea of the planet is only warriors or great fighters are allowed to live on the planet. When a warrior dies, a machine will summon their spirit before it gets taken into the Afterlife, and they will be given an option of living on the planet, body rebuilt with Nanocells, encapsulated as a Meta Cyber. Every character on the planet has died at least once, and was summoned for a chance at a second now Immortal life. A lot of them took it, because they were afraid there might not be an afterlife, they weren't ready to die, they didn't want to go to their version of Heaven yet, or they knew they were going to go to their version of Hell, and desperately wanted to avoid it. Basically, as long as you have a strong Spirit, you can resist going into the light, and the spirit becomes lost. This gives them somewhere to go. It would make sense for them to have amnesia, since they possibly wouldn't remember how they died.

    You said CS was half human, so I'm assuming half demon or something, so I'd assume they wouldn't want to go to Hell. Sam would probably just go with it.

    You said your character was kicked out of Heaven, so it would be an option if they weren't allowed to go back.

    This is a scenario where complete end-game can't respawn, final death, no more chances, it's either this or face afterlife. One example of how that could happen, is if they can respawn, but they can't live out aging, or they are limited by how many times they can spawn, or the planet gets destroyed and they have nowhere to spawn, because they can't breathe in space, stuff like that.

    This is the premise for how I would do the sequel or if I had a character customization ability that I could do in flowlab, or if I have the game kick-started, it starts you off being summoned, and begins the character customization option, name option, choose your abilities, fighter class, stuff like that. The custom character story would be side quests that aren't in the main story, and you would just learn how to be a Meta Cyber, level up, unlock new stuff, and meet new people playing online.
  • edited June 2018
    Love that warrior planet! What do they fight? Each other? In an arena of death? In a Box Ringue? Fight monsters in dungeons?

    And yeah, Tepala for my character seems nice. I don't know what would a super fast murder machine do in a meditation planet but it fits.

    Once I draw the character again, you will know
  • edited June 2018
    They have annual tournaments, but open fighting is legal, because nanobots can easily repair any damage in the cities. They can also leave the city, since 95% of the planet is uninhabited. There's also the option of raid rooms, where you are put in a massive white unbreakable empty room and nanobots keep spawning tons of new enemies based on what difficulty you chose. In Zetyre, they fight in neverending electrical storms, and use the lightning as infinite power for massive blasts of energy and incredible movement speed.

    There's some dragons and other things on the planet just because it seemed like a cool idea to have them, but besides that, there aren't many creatures, since everything is spawned by nanobots/nanocells, and the circle of life is unnecessary.

    Now, you say a super fast murder machine, what do you mean by that?
  • @Mhx Aîr Crystal is the only one who can really die of the two, Sam at one point was completely human until he collected “the nebula” which fused with his soul and pretty much made him into a half-demon. When he “dies” he just bursts right back into reality, sending a ginormous shockwave. The more he dies the more powerful he gets. In crystal storm his defeat because of Mhx made him so powerful, any enemy who touches him disappears, and you can he one of his eyes flash.
  • Heh, I think I should make a running gag where if Sam is fighting a stronger monster than him, he finds the nearest cliff, and jumps off it. And just repeats this until he can easily beat the monster.
  • edited June 2018
    Well don't expect the characters to be too interactive. It's not like they will contribute to the story, outside of being NPCs. If I kickstart the game, you can have special stuff if you play it. I'll have some kind of VIP items. I'll maybe just give them a few humorous quotes, like for example:

    Sam: "Hey, when in doubt, blow it up."
    Mhx: "I'm more of a punch it til it stops moving kind of guy."


    CS: "How do you put up with all these idiots?"
    Mhx: "I don't. I live in a dome on the other side of the planet for a reason."
  • edited July 2018
    I really wanted to avoid pixel art, but I just can't get that sharp detail I want with such small pixels. What do you think? Pixels or drawing? With pixels, it will always look clean, but with the drawing, I can get much sharper hair, I can have blur and wavy wind effects, and I can have tons of fluid motion in between pixels that I can't do with sprites. I can work on the drawing more, that was a rough test.

  • I prefer your drawing style.
    But if you opt for pixel art don't do it with the outline.
  • @PixelPizza
    Really? Honestly didn't expect that. I did the outline because I felt like it was odd without it, and wanted to do an anime feel, since it has a thin outline. I feel like without the line, it lacks depth and border from the background. Maybe I can shade or something to fix that. Even Super Smash Bros 3DS had an outline to help people focus on the character on a smaller screen. I'll work on it a bit more, see what I can do with it. Glad I got a second opinion.
  • @Mhx Aîr I turned the outline off :P
  • Same, but just was an example
  • edited July 2018

    Alright, so if you know about ramps, you know they are not flowlab friendly.
    If you know about flowlab physics, they are not user friendly.
    If you know about ducking, you know you can't.
    If you know about walking, you know it's goofy.
    As for hitboxes, they're all wonky, but rectangle takes the cake.

    I present, dirty physics testing, featuring ducking, ramps, angled walking, steep walking, and the most infamous pain in my side all night, tripping and falling onto your face like an idiot.

    Unfortunately I left my Ps3 controller at my brother's house when we were hanging out, so I couldn't do clean physics testing. Hopefully after a week of messing around, I'll be able to get much more fluid physics, and get rid of that stupid tripping glitch. I'm glad that tripping was removed in Smash Bros, because I sure do not want it in my game either. If I can't fix it, I'll give it a combat roll animation that stands back up.

    @CrimsonBlackGames - because you helped with the original hills rotate concept
    @PixelPizza - because you make lots of interesting mechanics
    @Wizardry - because you find impressive ways to do stuff outside of the basics
    @grazer - because you haven't added triangles, so I had to come up with this mess lol

    I did cut out a ton of frames and lessen the quality, so you won't see the ball (ducking) for more than maybe a couple frames. I tried to avoid losing the ducking frames entirely so it wouldn't look like teleporting.

    Also still not sure how I feel about drawing vs pixel art.
    Maybe I'll practice for a week or two and if I like it, I'll do animations.
    Drawing in a 32x48 sprite box limit is a bit of a pain. I'm sure I can improve.
    Mhx's hitbox will actually only be 16x42 to comply with Super Metroid 16x16 tile physics. Certain animations will be unable to play in cramped areas, like running for example.
  • Yeah, I also added a few mechanics like this in one of the Awakening's Test Levels.

    I didn't apply the rotation when going down a hill because I don't like it, but the only idea I had was to hide the feet so they don't look like they are flying...

    About the art, yap the transition is hard and canvas only difficulties even more.
  • edited July 2018
    @PixelPizza I was going to make the base sprite a hitbox rectangle, so the animations are unaffected. This way, the feet can go below the block you stand on, to feel more on the ground. I added rotation, because I want to figure out a reasonable way to make hills like in a Sonic game, if necessary.

    Well this is unfortunate, the hitbox adds 1px in every direction, so a 16x42 box is actually 18x44 and won't fit in a 16x16 tileset, because a 16x16 tileset is actually 18x18. Going to have to do a lot of picking around now to make stuff work right. Well, back to the drawing board.

    I seem to be clipping and getting stuck on random invisible garbage pixels or something. I don't know why, and it's really annoying. Adjusting my friction and the tile friction also didn't help. This will be a pain to fix.
  • @Mhx Aîr - I think what is happening is that the box's corners are getting snagged on the corners of the ground blocks. This is the reason why circle colliders are generally better for sliding around: they don;t snag on anything.

    The hit box should not not be adding any pixels, I'm not sure what's happening there. A 16x42 rectangle sprite should have a 16x42 pixel hitbox. I can investigate this to see if I can reproduce what you're encountering here.
  • edited July 2018
    There seems to be a pixel around movable rectangles. If you see when I go in the hole, the left invisible pixel disappears and the right side has 2 invisible pixels when you flip, which leads me to believe that flip is also off by 1 pixel.

    I'd love to glide around with circle, but I couldn't do these gap squeezes with a circle. I need rectangle, so if it is clipping, I'm curious why or how.
  • Here are some discussions of why this issue occurs when resolving rectangle/rectangle corner collisions:

    This doesn't help solve the actual issue, but it should help explain what's going on.
  • @grazer
    Looks like they suggest negative chains or clipping edges. Would you be able to make clipped hitboxes?

    Either clipping the corners to a rectangular octagon, or clipping the corners to a rectangular dodecagon should fix the issue, right?
  • I haven't tried clipping corners, but I could do some experimenting to see if that's a reliable solution. I'm a little concerned that it would still snag in some cases, since there are still corners.

    The real solution is a proper capsule shape, I believe. I added a simple capsule, but it's a bit janky and needs improvement.
  • @grazer
    Capsule is very jank. It throws off the jump height, collision radius, and it feels like a wide oval, not a tall pill. It also makes slight inclines as slippery as ice. I'd rather use flat on flat if possible, but clipped corners should hopefully help.
  • edited July 2018
    Was driving at work and came up with a song in my head. I'm having a hard time writing it. It seems to be desynced, and it's a pain in my side. It's just slice of life music that will play when you're hanging out at the house or a cafe or something relaxed where there's nothing really going on. It's called "Relax 'n snacks", and it will mostly play when you visit Crystal at the base for no reason. If you get bored between missions, or want to rest at the house for HP, chat, ask her what your mission was, play minigames, stuff like that. It'll just be like the theme for the house.

    This is a pretty rough draft, because I can't seem to get the timing right. I can't add more until I figure out what is making it so off tempo.

    -Play rough draft-
  • So I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, so I rerecorded it at 290bpm, which is a tempo trick some people use to get 3x as many notes while mimicking a slow tempo. This way, I can get halfnotes and quirky tempos without breaking rhythm. Here's an updated rough draft.

    It's a bit out of my comfort zone to not make electronic music, but I used to play real band instruments yeeaaars back, so I can adjust.

    -Relax 'n snacks 0.2-
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