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Flowlab FNAF



  • You took 50 blocks for that title screen? You do realize that you can resize them in the editor, right?
    And... you're trying to make a FNAF UCN not even knowing how to toggle labels.
    Good luck with that
  • Night 3 is finally open to public!

    -Camera graphics were greatly improved; this includes the rooms, the decoration, and Bloodbear himself!
    -Foxy has come to play! He will move through the vents, and you will have to monitor/push him back regularly. If he comes in your room, he will never leave, draining your power and blocking crucial parts of your view.
    -Less camera bugs: Bloodbear will move at a much more steady pace, and he was also given more freedom walking around (He moves at a similar fashion to Ennard in FNAF:SL. He can move backwards, "skip" a camera [not necessarily] or hide in CAM 6. At the far end of the hallway in CAM 4 and 5, he won't attack until he gets closer.)
    -This night took a very long time to create, mostly because of Foxy, camera graphics, and camera behaviors (which was hell). However, no bug from Nights 1 and 2 are existent, and the game is much more enjoyable!

    -6 A.M. screens look much more official.

    -The guide has been updated!
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    New update
    To make the game less repetitive, there is a new feature added to Night 2 and 3.
    In Night 2, a vent door will appear below the two main doors, as well as "Crumbling Dreams" beginning to play. When you hear the music get louder, simply shut the vent door and wait for the new animatronic to go away.
    But here's the catch: the vent only closes for 3 seconds. If it opens before the animatronic gets to it, you're toast.
    You can re-close the vent, but it will cost you 3 power to do so (which is not that good). But in Night 2, the attacker will go away for the rest of the night if it has been successfully blocked.
    In Night 3, it will come back again and again. If you manage to block the attacker by closing the door, you will be compensated 5 power (after losing it to close the door more than once).
    A warning sign will appear, in case the player doesn't know what volume is too loud (it should be pretty obvious though). You can't see it when the camera's up.

    To make up for this difficulty, closing the doors take less power than before.
  • (Side thought since I'm late)

    How does someone even use 50 objects in a title screen? I usually use one background image with an animation. Theoretically, I could make an entire menu system using nothing more than 1 object with a bunch of animations, filters, and mouse coordinates for where you click. I would even make almost all my enemies out of the same object. After automapping ground textures, a background, and a player object, that's only 5 objects in an entire platformer game. I guess if you are making a faux 3D game, you would need a lot more objects, but 50 on the menu is really a lot.

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    There's another new weekly update!

    1. The door slamming sound was optimized.
    2. Night 3 Fox/Bloodbear jumpscare was made scarier, along with his jumpscare sound.
    3. You will now get static after you die, which abruptly cuts off the ambience and will take you to the "game over" screen. The static and static sound is made by Scott Cawthon. (Most of the sounds and music is from FNAF: SL)
    4. Night 3 gameplay has been tweaked to be less overwhelming overall (because it was IMPOSSIBLE).

    Things made easier:
    -Foxy will move through the vents a bit slower.
    -A bit less power will be drained for using the monitor.
    -An additional frame has been added to the ventilation system, which will somewhat delay Oldhead's attack. This applies to Night 2 as well.
    -The 2pm vents door will stay closed for 4 seconds instead of 3. This applies to Night 2 as well.

    Things made harder:
    -In Night 3, individual cameras may randomly go down.
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    This is a really really well made game Luminous and I really mean that, this is pretty polished!
  • Thank you for your rating PixelStudios, it's greatly appreciated!
    Also we've been trying to fix 23gz's behavior for about a month or so but made almost 0 progress. Shows that you just can't teach some kids :/
  • Geez... I must be getting stressed out, I've been getting unpleasant in the forums lately
  • You're doing fine, I'll clean up here and there. Your game is going great. Don't let anything ruin your mood.
  • edited August 2018
    It's not much of a big deal, just summer stress got me :P

    After three nights of standard gameplay, I've decided to recreate the old version of FNAF: Flowlab, but with better graphics, animations and mechanics!

    This new mode will consist of sneaking through rooms, rebooting downed systems, and fixing broken materials; just like FNAF SL. In addition to that, a new animatronic has been created, which looks more "Bear-y" than the original Bloodbear.
    bloody badbear

    Breaker room Hallway - Mechanics:
    You will be required to reach the Breaker Room by crossing the hallways... but with two animatronics in the same place.

    Press UP to walk forward. Press R while walking to run. Running will get you to the exit faster, but it will also attract the animatronics.
    Press DOWN to look backward. Looking backward will give you a sense of where Bloodbear is, and he may slink backwards a little every time you look. Looking back too many times more than needed will cause him to kill you, but letting him get too close will also result in a game over.
    If you hear unusual static, don't move. The Bear animatronic will pass by your view from left to right before either walking away or killing you. Release all keyboards immediately as soon as you hear his disruption to avoid his jumpscare. ("Night 4" level in the game editor)

    Also @grazer, keyboards seem to make the game lag much more than when Mouseclick is used. I've tried numerous times before to implement it on Nights 1-3 to improve the gameplay, but it kept making the level lag. Is there something in the "Keyboard" behavior that makes the game lag more than Mouseclick, and is there any way to fix it?
  • edited August 2018
    And does this level lag to anyone else? My laptop always glitches out on these parts:

    -When walking/running, the hallway animation needs to be smooth, and it should be going up and down a little.
    -When a jumpscare activates, you should immediately face forward if you were looking back, and the jumpscare should have multiple frames. This part lags too much for me
    -The door at the far end of the hallway should be getting bigger with no more lag than the one caused by the original "size" behavior capacity.
    -Partway through the game, the lights should flicker on and off with the ease behavior. It should be rather smooth.

    I'm having trouble with all of these parts of the level, which is pretty frustrating because I want to see how it's like without all the lag :(
  • Does it lag if you play in /embed?
  • Oh, playing in embed makes the game lag a lot less! Thanks
    It's harder to edit something after every play test though
  • edited August 2018
    Night 4 is halfway finished!

    I've decided to leave the office concept as it is and restarted working on (mostly) free roam, just like- FNAF SL.

    You will start in a new and improved elevator. You can press buttons and keypads to make sounds, look at the fan spinning around, and listen to my voice acting (altered with voicechanger). It provides a more authentic experience than the crappy one I've made before.

    Then you will be required to go through a hallway, where Bloodbear and another new animatronic is out to kill you. hallfox I will be giving somewhat vague instructions through my voice, but it'll work out just fine.
    Of course, there will be more tasks after you successfully pass the hallway, but that part isn't developed yet.
  • I think you turned your game to possible to impossible and not exactly possible to beat.
  • Hey @grazer , many jumpscare animation frames in this game seem to be deleting themselves and are replaced by white or green screens. This happened twice already with the object "Bunjump", and I can't remake the animations again without starting all over AGAIN. Any chance you can bring them back to stay?
  • I hope you've seen this @grazer :(
  • I wonder if you ran out of room. Animations are stored basically on a sheet of paper. If you have small animations, you can fit a lot more frames. Huge animations take up almost all the paper very quickly. Anything off the page won't load right.
  • @Luminous That’s an oooooold bug, I experienced this many years ago and even semi-recently, have no idea why it happens. Just like you said white or green.
  • Aw... so I have to make the whole thing over again using a different object?

    That's a bummer... ):
  • edited August 2018
    New update: I finished the breaker room gameplay, and another Parts & Service minigame afterwards!
    Breaker room: Your job is to reboot five offline systems inside the building, by clicking and holding the buttons that correspond to each system. Similar to the FNAF: SL breaker room gameplay, attempting to reboot the systems will agitate a nearby animatronic (Slaughter, in this case) and it'll attack if you neglect him for too long. Your job is to reboot all 5 systems in 200 seconds while keeping Slaughter at bay.
    Parts and Service: (only a part of the room has been shown)
    Parts and Service is a wide room, which you can navigate using A and D. To the left is a phantom Foxy which will attack if your light is not shone on him frequently, and to the right is a monitor which you can track the real Foxy's movements. There are blind spots in the cameras which Foxy may hide in, which makes your job more difficult. Failure to turn off the flashlight when he''s closeby will result in you getting killed. (There's blood on the walls along with people hanging from the ceiling, so... not intended for younger audiences)
    You also have door lights to help track Foxy down. Survive for 4 "hours", which lasts 8 real life minutes.
  • Awesome work! I'm almost astonished that this was made on Flowlab!
  • Just keep working
  • How did you make the cameras? plz help
  • They haven't posted much in a while :anguished: This is a great game, though! Very nice work in this @Luminous ! And I hope you get the help you need @gwhite7871 , because I don't know.
  • Hey, Luminous

    Say would you be able to provide gameplay of this?
    I really want someone to play through it to see how the game works
    And yes, I don't want to try this myself, gives me the creeps
  • Damn this forum hasn't been posted in years lol
  • edited March 8
    Hey, I'm a huge fan of FNAF and this game in general! If you'd like me to help out, I'd be happy to. (=
  • edited March 8
    Hey, @gwhite7871! I can help out with that. I made a similar thing to this on HAKK3R. It's most likely a toggleable system in the UI that has respective sprites located in the corresponding spots on the tablet. They are activated whenever the machine itself is. Then, clicking on the sprites corresponding to the camera would make it go into an animation where a different random UI object is either placed or not. Simple concept, but hard to do.
    [HAKK3R Forensics System]
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