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The Super Mario Bros Flowlab Edition Log



  • Press S as Super Mario to test it! It's still in progress.
  • Whenever I hit an enemy with the hat Mario just disappears. I tried this multiple times with goombas and koopas and every time it's the same result. I like the concept though!
  • edited August 2018
    I just updated Mario, he can only capture Goombas and Luigi. Try it now, Greggo.
  • Works great! And I love how the sprite looks!
  • Also, I just updated Koopas. They are resized and better looking at that.
  • Awesome!
  • You know what's sad? I'm adding Super Mario Odyssey implements when I haven't even played it!
  • @Greggo hey found a new glitch I threw my cap, it hit me and knocked me to the bottom of the game
  • Huh, you're right. That's kinda fun to mess with.
  • IDK why, but it is.
  • Sorry, the odyssey effects are still in production... sadly, my subscription was canceled and now progress has paused. Sorry about it.
  • Oh, I hate that.
  • Wow... 718 views, 9 likes! In a short amount of time, this is insane! I haven't even finished the game halfway, people! ... I'm really starting to like the people on Flowlab nowadays.
  • They are really supportive. I can't wait to see future updates for the game! Great job so far!
  • Congratulations on creating the Yoshi mechanic and jump sound variation!


    You could try to make Real dialogue boxes instead of messages pop-up. It would give a lot more nice looking Interface to the game.

    and Creating a dynamic camera object to a more fluid animation and movement.
    You can check out how to create one in the Help page>Examples.

    Good luck and never stop Creating.
  • Thanks, I'll look into that.
  • Pretty faithful to all of the incorporated elements from Mario! Some dusting up might be in order, but this is still a mighty fine game.
  • Yes... I do wish I could work on it more... but free trial doesn't offer much...
  • edited September 2018
    Uhh... why am I in the second list of most popular games when I only have 11 likes?! The game behind me has 91 likes! I don't mind the extra comers but I don't think I should be ahead that much!
  • edited December 2018
    Yes, I'm finally back! ...2530 plays and 38 likes?! You guys are so great!
  • edited December 2018
    Update: Mario and Super Mario can run! Hold X to do it. Also updating item boxes so they don't disappear... well, at least you wouldn't think that they would...
  • edited December 2018
    The game's looking really good! You should consider adding another playable character with different abilities. That would be cool.
  • edited December 2018
    That is what I plan to do when the game is completed (which will probably take as long as Deltarune will, 999 years, especially at this rate...)

    I see you have been doing pretty well on flowlab since our last encounter. Did you make that Waluigi game that you talked about?
  • Lol, but like Deltarune, the wait will be worth it!
  • Just for the public, they key information of the game is on page two of this comment page. That will lead you to the game link and other information. Thank you for viewing this article.
  • Small note: Super Mario can't fit between 1 block spaces so things like the secret exit in the first underground level can't be accessed by Super Mario. I'm not sure if this also applies to small Mario, but being as this is a width problem, it might also apply to him.
  • I'm not sure what you mean. Could you show images of the problem. Thanks.
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