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Why Does Team Collab Cost Money???

Think about it. At some point of being a user on Flowlab, you want to work with someone else. I sent an invite, and sure enough, I looked into it and I can't even do collab. But why? What's so cool about it that it has to cost money? I get all the other stuff, but I just want to make a game not by myself... Is that possible? =/


  • edited October 2018
    You choose not to pay for a feature, you don't get it. Grazer needs money to support all the work he's done, and collab is a good motivation for people to pay.
  • Why does food cost money?

    Think about it, at some point in living life, you need to eat to survive. I looked into it and went to the grocery store, and sure enough, I can’t even buy anything because I need money. But why? What is so cool about food that it needs to cost money? I get all the other stuff, but I just want to live and not starve to that possible? =/
  • edited October 2018
    Think about it, flowlab is actually free to use, but if you want less limitations, you can pay for more features. Grazer can also remove all free accounts and make it paid access only. =/
  • I forgot that Grazer was the one who did that... I get it.
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