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New Music + Sounds?

So I've been wondering... When you click on music, there's one option: 8-bit. So if there's only one option, why doesn't it go straight to the only music choices? OR, make more than one option. I'm making a 3d game, so I want it to be as NOT 8-bit as possible. But since there's a radio, music comes first. And my only option of 'pixely' music is kind of ruining the feel of realism. So, I was wondering if there could be more than just 8-bit in Flowlab. I wonder how many times I've said 8-bit...
But anyway, I really would like it if there were more 'not' pixelated sounds. Like maybe, a modern music choice, or the one I need, an old music choice, you know, just something to give off the right feel... Is this possible?
Check out my game:


  • And btw, this feature is for everyone, but mostly the programmers on the free version because we can't upload custom sounds...
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