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The NOR (NOT) gate is not working
there's my game.
i tested it with the sound.
i wanted to create a jump animation but it canceled the running animation.
pls help!


  • Animations have a little value called “priority”

    An animation with a higher number will interrupt an animation with a lower number, and won’t get interrupted unless another animation with a higher number plays
  • So, first off I know this is a 'somewhat' old conversation, and second of all, let's get to the point. In my game, the NOR gate isn't working, but it's job is different from an animation. Here, take a look.
    It's the radio. I looked up a tutorial for making a music source that gets louder as you get closer, it's by @Latif, (as you may know, @CrimsonBlackGames in a previous conversation,) but even when I do it right, for some reason it gets quieter as you get closer. Which means before you click the link, headphone warning... |=/
  • You changed the proximity range from 320 to 1000 You should change that in the formula too.

    Also, NOR is not broken. It works as it should.
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