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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • @MagmaDude100
    Check out my discussion Game tips by Crigence ( i tried to include as many tips for making games as possible!
  • @Crigence Thank you so much for the review, I'll be sure to get feedback from others about the skins. Thank you for your skin suggestion (You might see it in a future update). It feels good to know my work payed off, and don't worry, I've been working on checkpoints for quite sometime now.

  • @Crigence Thanks so much for taking the time to review my game, I really appreciate it. You have given me a lot of ideas for improving it. You're the best!
  • @Crigence I have completed the game, and that is the link to where I'm selling it. Here is the link to the flowlab version! ;)
  • @Greggo
    Check my game (Old Super Mario Bros.), it has a working checkpoint system!
  • Reusing assets isn't easy @Crigence for this game but i deleted an object I wasn't using and now music has been added to all levels (different per reloading of the level)
  • @MagmaDude100 do you have lots of objects in the background? I had this problem too until i got ride of most of them
    You can just make a gigantic object and draw the background texture
  • @Daniel Folston I'm not making a platformer, plus most of those background objects that I did make (like three of them) are necessary for emersion because otherwise the player wouldn't know their in a city.
  • @MagmaDude100 hmmmm Let me check your game out and i'll get back at you
  • @MagmaDude100 just played some, pretty good some parts don't make sense, like the infinite no cooldown shotgun
  • I was refering to my other game Crimepocalypse
  • @Crigence Your game was actually really helpful, thank you a lot!
  • @Crigence I truly am sorry for using up your time, I know you have many people who are waiting for their games to be reviewed. I have never encountered this problem before and I am not very sure how to fix it. I may end up scrapping the game. Thanks for the feedback.
  • edited March 2019
    HOLY LATIF IT'S CRAP! This calls for something special! Tell you what, this is going to be the first review which provides pictures! That should make it special! Anyway enough shamelessness, here's my notes:

    +I like the depressing tone of the games style! Matches how i make some people feel with my reviews!
    +Love the fancy fade transition effect!
    +Even though i can't control sheit, i can still jump with the up arrow key. That's a plus i guess?

    -Is it just me, or is that text over-lapping in the shop?
    -AND the select mode too!?! Isn't that menu important?!
    -I just L O V E how i couldn't control my character when i started the fuckin game, thanks for that!
    -All i can do is shoot! Moving doesn't even work!
    -How come every small, good looking game is riddled with glitches! it's not funny any more!!!!
    -Only 1 zombie appeared, how exciting!
    -That music doesn't match the creepy aesthetic of the game AT ALL!

    overlap 2

    You know how a few reviews ago i said i'm getting tired of all these good looking games where the functionality plummets? Yep, this is yet ANOTHER one of those! Now i'm not only tired but also SICK of these barely functioning games that everyone can play BUT me! AND IT'S FEATURED TOO!?!?!?

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 4.5
    Sound - 1.5
    Controls - 1 (Because jumping is exciting)
    Stability - 2 (At least the game slightly worked, unlike a certain game i know.)

    Final Score: 2/5.
    If somebody sends me another half-functioning game, the next review is going to be more Angry Video Game Nerd styled!... I think i just made a big mistake saying that...

    FIX. THE. DAMNED. BUGS. ~Crigence
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Do you actually want me to review Starblast 2 or were you just talking about it? BTW that review is next!
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Also, about the Starblast 3 re-review i got a bit ahead of myself when i said i'd get it out yesterday or something and forgot there were other people waiting to get their games reviewed! I'll review it when i get down to it!
  • @Crigence What have you done? The game isn't even broken like that.
  • Yeah when I play it @Latif it runs very smoothly
  • @Crigence you can review it if you want but keep in mind it maybe already screwed up by recent updates. I might have to make a desktop build too
  • When I play graveyard, it works fine. I don't have any of the problems you seem to have with all of these broken games.
  • Hey @Crigence , I've played Graveyard a LOT of times on here, and not even once have I seen it do anything compared to that. It may be something wrong with your computer, but that is strange. I suggest you should fix that before testing anymore games, since that brings down its ratings for something the developer didn't even do. Thanks!
  • Also @Crigence , I have fixed the GUI bars at the top of A Little Evil! I found it annoying myself, and with help from @CrimsonBlackGames I got it figured out. Thanks for the review and the help!
  • Thanks @Crigence !
    sorry for the long reply (since i barely go to flowlab now)
    But thanks for your feedback!

    now i added your request
    a bit harder boss at a certain hp
    and an animation cue for the falling rocks, aka. the vines will shake.
  • edited January 2019
    @Latif @rcreger @Johnny boy @Caleb Strawberry 3
    Wow, this is the BIGGEST outcry of comments i've ever received after a review!

    Well everyone, i got a plan to stop unfair scores:

    You know how the ESRB don't actually play the games they rate, they just watch videos of it? Well, that's my plan! If you want, when you send your game in you can also send me a video or maybe even pictures of you playing it! So, if the game doesn't work for me, i can just review what i see in the video instead!

    If anyone needs help taking screenshots or videos, i'm always here!
  • Just play through mine. I’d rather have you play it for yourself than watch it
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    I am, that idea is mainly for people who don't have the luxury of exporting their games!
  • edited January 2019
    @Crigence here is a video of gameplay from Dodge Bounce
    The game has sound and music, but the video doesn't.

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