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(NEW) Flowjam Official Post: Submissions Today Extended to Tomorrow!

edited March 2019 in General
Welcome back to a new, improved Flowjam!

I wasn't patient enough and people over on the discord seemed interested so here we go! I have made a new discord (link below) for the new flowjam.

What Is Flowjam
If you don't know what flowjam is, every month we send out a theme, or genre. You have one week to make a game that goes with it, making your own sprites and animations (Music is optional). However, for those who think once a month is too long, in the discord there is a new "mini-jam" feature. This allows you to host your own smaller jam for yourself, and so you don't have to wait for the next one. One official mini-jam is announced a week too so look out for that!

Useful Links
Official Website Link:
Official Discord Link:


  • Am very interested in this, is there a reward to who wins or is it for fun? either way I'll enter =)
  • I’m in! But the invite expired? Or am I just dumb.
  • This seems fun, but I don't think I'd have the time. :dissapointed:
  • @MagmaDude100 You get a discord rank if you win main jams, I'm hoping that I can get some more interesting prizes up though.

    @todorrobot If it still doesn't work I can send you a new request

    @rcreger If you don't have time we have some mini jams planned that could last over a month!
  • Hey, btw @grazer could we get this to be an announcement or not this time?
  • @XxCarbotxX

    Is there any way i can help with this? I'm pretty good at making websites and images!

    Just look at this website and my profile picture for examples:
  • Hey @Crigence sorry I didn't see this sooner but a website of sorts would be amazing! My discord is Carbot#2669, I would love to talk about that.
  • edited February 2019
    Flowjam Announcement

    The first flowjam has started! The theme for this week is Platformer

    I know it is quite a broad genre of games but I feel like a lot of creativity can go into it as well.

    → You cannot use Flowlab's pre-made sprites.
    → No racist, suggestive, or offensive games.
    → Do not spam registrations.
    → No outside resources (Sprites, textures, music, etc.)
    → Flowlab music, and music by Eric Matyas ( are allowed.

    I hope to see some good games come out of this. I will be the judge of it and the prize will be a unique rank on the discord server (

    Edit: After speaking with @Crigence we thought up of a prize I think people will like. He is currently working on a website for flowjam, and winners will have their accounts advertized on the website. I will also make a custom desktop bakckground themed to the winner's game. Hope this will motivate people to make a good game!
  • I don't know if people saw because this post has been taken really low but we have prizes worth while. Me and @Crigence both discussed some better prizes, go take a look at the main post!
  • I’m working on mine currently. Is the deadline Sunday or Saturday?
  • edited February 2019
    @todorrobot Sunday 7:00 PM Eastern
  • I'll try! Do I have to sign in or something though?
  • If you're submitting to the website, no.
  • Would A Boy in Armor be a platformer @Crigence ? (I'm not asking about A Little Evil since it has some pre-made sprites: Spikes and coins)
  • @rcreger
    It is, but the game you submit has to be made SPECIFICALLY for the competition!
  • So nothing from before?
  • Darn.. I might make another account just for FlowJam so that I have more room. Thanks anyways @Crigence !
  • Yeah i'm going to contact Carbot and see if he can remove this rule since i know it kind of removes the point of a gamejam but, c'mon, this is Flowlab! No one wants to make a game for a contest!
  • *cough* Ludum Dare *cough*
  • @Crigence that's the rule that's supposed to make this a challenge, if ppl could use games from before they could whip out a large project they've been doing for a long time, putting new people at a disadvantage. This rules purpose is to balance everything out to make it fair for everyone.
  • That actually makes sense @XxCarbotxX . Thanks!
  • Just a quick reminder that Submissions for flowjam are due today! You can post them here, the discord or the website! Thx!

  • edited February 2019
    Whew! I'm pushing the 7:00 deadline, but I think i'm as done as i'm going to get. It's not perfect -- and full disclosure, I used a couple of my previously created "very minor" sprites (blood cells, and nano-tech nodes, but nothing major. everything else is brand new this week!)

    Enjoy this brand new Nina Nano micro-adventure:

    looking forward to playing the other submissions!
  • edited February 2019

    Alright welp there have been 2 submissions, but that'll have to do!
    I am going to be judging people on:


    Only 2 submissions are from @todorrobot and @Caleb Strawberry 3 so give them a round of applause!

    "Color Wars" By Caleb Strawberry3

    In the time I played this game I thought: "This is flowlab?" Its a VERY fun game, especially when putting into account he only had a week to make it. The visuals are amazing, and the gameplay is something I personally have never seen before, forcing you to move in weird ways to defeat your enemies. Even though there are only 5 levels, I could only beat 2, but had a blast along the entire way.
    Art: 4/5 Beautiful
    Controls: 3/5 Pretty Smooth
    Sounds: 0/5 There Are None
    Stability: 5/5 No lag Whatsoever
    Creativity: 4/5 Very Fun, and Different

    Overall Score: 16/20 - Very Nice Game, I Really Liked It!

    Intestinal Fortitude By todorrobot

    I came into this with high hopes. The music was INSANE and the art was amazing too. But then I saw a little icon on the bottom that said "Project originally cloned from Nina Nano" Which really disappointed me. With further digging this was a clone of one of the final levels with just a minor amount of tweaking. Due to this im sorry @todorrobot but this means i'll have to disqualify you for not following the rule of making a brand new game specifically for the game jam in the amount of time we give you. This includes making new sprites, logic, and music. Although you can't win this game jam, you have an AMAZING game your working on, and I think it could get you to some big places.

    Overall Score: DISQUALIFIED - Its an INSANE game but it broke the rules, I hope if the rules weren't clear to you I explained them better in this post.

    So due to todorrobot being disqualified, @Caleb Strawberry 3 IS THE WINNER! Your game really impressed me, and I think its crazy you spend that amount of time to make a game for a small game jam. I hope that you inspire more people to make a game for the next jam.

    @Caleb Strawberry 3 For winning @Crigence will have you in the "Winners" tab in the website, and i'm going to be making you a custom desktop background (Or some type of other art) based upon your game. If you want to contact me and give an example of what you want my contacts are:

    Discord: Carbot#2669
    Gmail: [email protected]

    Thank you so much for participating and keep up the good work!

    Next Jam
    The next official jam will be on March 17th to March 24th so be prepared! Until a mini-jam will be hosted on the discord ( For people who want to participate and don't have discord the theme will be "Top-Down" and just post submissions here. Also thank @Crigence for building the website, and although it wasn't used it was really cool of him to do it, so yeah!
  • edited February 2019
    @Carbot @Caleb Strawberry 3

    First of all: Carbot, don't you remember one of the prizes we agreed on is that the winner gets their game reviewed by The Crigence Critique (Before anyone else's game)? I'm up to review it if that rule still applies!

    Also, Caleb has just been added to the winners tab! Here it is if you wanna see it:

    And lastly, please remember that you can submit games through the website as well!
  • Well shoot. I guess I wasn’t clear when I submitted. Even though this level will be an eventual part of the larger Nina Nano game, Intestinal Fortitude was built within the week time limit specifically for the jam. None of it existed (aside from two minor sprites: the blood cells and the nano nodes — reused from the existing Nina Nano) before the beginning of the contest and was cloned out at deadline for stand alone presentation. Not trying to overturn any results, just didn’t want to be seen as breaking the rules ;)

    Congrats to Caleb! I look forward to checking out your game! :)

    Good jam!
  • Thanks todorrobot! Intestinal Fortitude was a really fun game to play. I really liked the style of it. I can't wait to see what other jams you do.
  • edited February 2019
    @Crigence srry forgot about that one when posting, sure u can do whatever

    Also @todorrobot sorry about that I didn't know that part, just saying now though if I see a game that's cloned i'm going to disqualify it immediately just because you never know whether or not that's the case. Just going to make that clear now.
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