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Why is my character flashing every other frame? (resolved)

edited February 2019 in Bugs
For some reason every other frame of my running animation something from a different animation appears? Its really weird and I don't know how it happened.


  • Never mind, it fixed its self
  • It's good that it fixed itself

    A similar problem could be cause by ending animations instead of looping.
    If you need to use several animations to play in a row, use timers instead of end of one and play to the next. Doing this can create a similar problem, timers are like duct tape XD
  • I dont know why im commenting on this
  • fun fact: old NES games could only hold a certain amount of moving sprites at once so game devs would get around this by having them flash in and out really fast (if they didn't thre would be invisible enemies)
  • Fun fact: in the original doom, if you played all the sounds backwards, it would be the developers asking the players to kill their boss. Actually... myabe not so fun! :scream:
  • Fun fact: The NES could only hold 3 different colors on one sprite
  • Fun fact: in Super Mario 64 on the main screen, you can hold LR and pull his face around to CREEPY poses!image
  • I knew the color pallet one
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