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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • @meburningslime Ok, I just couldn't figure out why.
  • Hey @Crigence,
    Have you found out if DRIVE actually works for you now
    or would I need to do something similar of what StarBlast did?
  • @JR 01
    Actually, DRIVE works just fine for me now. Why are you asking? Want a re-review?
  • Yeah @Crigence , especially now with allot more to it from the last time you looked at it.
  • Try my game, I think its the only one like it on Flowlab (at least as I have seen)

  • To be completely honest, DRIVE had never lagged for me.

    And there was something else... Oh yeah, 11 pages?! I was gone for a day :lol:
  • Hi @Crigence Here's Intestinal Fortitude for your reviewing pleasure :) sorry if this is a double post. I’m having phone issues.
  • Try this out (again) @Crigence ! but not a re-review but feedback instead :V
    i added a new (unfinished) level in the game!
    tell me on what should i change or add!
  • i also changed the previous ones up a "bit" !
  • The third level is done! please re-review it? .3.
  • @Simple_doge5
    Give me a second, i just got back!
  • i would like you to review it again
  • edited March 2019
    It's not good... What you want more? Ugh, fine. Here's my notes:

    -No menu
    -Why am i playing as a piece of poop? Is that foreshadowing? (Seriously though make it more round please so it doesn't look like...)
    -What's with that one guy at the top left of level 1 going insane?
    -Pressing down resets the whole game... That's just stupid.
    -What am i platforming on? Honey?
    -If you jump repeatedly, you'll fly!
    -Anndd the end screen features thousands of pieces of poop all popping out of thin air as a metaphor for Flowlab. Nice.

    *It doesn't deserve pictures, that'd require me to spend more time on it than i should... Okay fine the real reason is that i'm just lazy, alright?

    This game is mediocre and uninteresting. So mediocre and uninteresting in-fact that i couldn't think of a single positive thing to say about the game nor could i think of any funny jokes about it either! It's so lazy and mediocre it basically BROKE The Crigence Critique! THAT'S how mediocre it is!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Graphics - 2
    Controls - 2
    Stability - 4

    Final Score: 2.5/5.
    It broke The Crigence Critique: It has little-to-no positive qualities and yet it's not THAT bad! It's worthy of a 2 yet when you look at the other scores they don't look THAT bad! It's like a anti-reviewer game!
    I really can't think of anyway to make this game better, it's best just to scrap it and work on a different game instead. ~Crigence
  • edited March 2019
    Reminds me of my first game I let you review.. Oh, good times @Crigence :lol: Fixed it though, got a good score too, so I think it is possible @zanon.g can make something of it.. At least, should.
  • We've done it, boys: We have officially over-taken EVERY single other discussion in terms of views AND comments! We are literally number one!
  • I mean, seriously, 11 pages!? :lol: I remember when this from the beginning and I had thought you were never actually going to review my game, but here you are! Great work and effort @Crigence , congratulations!
  • Ya @Crigence even I wouldnt have cussed the hell out of a new gamer, I wouldnt be suprised if he commits suicide!
  • @meburningslime it’s clear that he doesn’t really care about profanity, so anyone could’ve seen that coming
  • I know. It's sad though.
  • edited March 2019
    Over-reactive much?

    First of all i didn't "cuss the hell" out of him, there were 2 swears in the review in total and neither were directed at him, they were referring to how the player looks!

    Secondly how was i supposed to know he just became a gamer? Actually how did YOU know he just became a gamer? Did you just check his profile and see the date and assume he just became a gamer? My profile isn't THAT old yet i've been playing games for YEARS! And even if he was how does that matter?

    Also no-one is going to commit suicide over a fucking review on a game making website! (Or at least i hope not)

    And lastly stop tagging grazer in stuff that he probably doesn't care about, that's starting to annoy me.
  • Grazer cares, I just talked to him and he says his hope is no profanity or cussing or whatever.
    If he was a gamer, he would have more games AND a profile pic AND it said he started 11 days ago!!!!
  • edited March 2019
    First of all i HIGHLY doubt grazer responded to you that quickly especially considering most of the time it takes him 1-2 days to respond! The only way i can see there being an exception is if you messaged him the instant you saw my review which sounds like something a snitch would do! (Didn't you say you hate to snitch before?)!

    AND that doesn't sound like something grazer would say to me! Unless @grazer himself says that it's true i won't believe it!

    More games? What the hell are you talking about? So if you have only made 1 game that makes you not a gamer? The profile pic point is just stupid as that doesn't mean ANYTHING as he could just either like the default profile pic, not know where to get them or not even know how to change it!

    YOU JUST PROVED ME RIGHT! You just said how long ago he started like it matters despite the fact i already said it doesn't matter! (Also he started 9 days ago not 11, but that doesn't matter!)

    I'm not going to respond to anymore comments relating to this situation unless either more people show their concerns, or grazer responds as i believe this whole situation is just an over-reaction.
  • I messaged him AND check out the group chat "Child-Friendly?"
    Ps I mentioned 2 people that cussed too much, one was you. The other has a perm ban
  • So please, I wasnt trying to start WWIII over a comment. Im sorry, oyu happy?!?!
  • edited March 2019
    Ok I just kinda ranted there. I'm sorry @Crigence. I wasn't trying to be a snitch or the police, but some things you say are VERY borderline. I will not tell you how to manage your life. I do believe more people are concerned, and I know this sounds slightly contrevertial, but I THINK @Latif and @rcreger both are expressing some worry. I'm sorry to both of the latter if I just sucked you into a tornado! you don't have to respond. @Crigence this IS a kid-freindly enviroment, or is supposed to be.

    Ever heard the story of King Solomon? Of course you have, but here is what I want to point out:
    A brilliant person and idea, like yourself.
    A great uprising, sound familiar?
    A few new things occur;
    Solomon goes insane and tries to kill somebody (Look up at your last comment)
    Solomon's kingdom is demolished.

    Let's try to stop those last two please!
    I'm not trying to be rude in any way shape or form, but please consider this before calling it crap.
    And no i'm not just a freaky bible geek!
  • This is supposed to be a review thread, not an argument thread
  • I have updated the about section on my website to include a better laid out and more detailed version of the games list on Flowlab! Follow this link and press the right arrow to check it out!

    Also as i was making it i discovered i accidentally forgot to include Castle Defense! Poor Castle Defense, it was so bad i forgot to put it in the list! Meaning i now have reviewed 29 games instead of 28!
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